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Notify the Employer When You are Injured


The first thing a worker or employee should do when injured on the job is notify the employer in writing of the accident.  Such notice in writing should include the worker’s name and contact information, but also the date, time and location of the accident as well as a description of the accident and type of injury, like back injury suffered.  This will insure that the employer is on proper notice of the injury that the employee has experienced.  Once, the employer has actual notice of an injury, the employer is required to report the injury to the workers’ compensation division.  This is called a first report of injury.  The employer is also required to report any injuries to its insurance company.


An injured employee is entitled to compensation for his or her injury.  The employer or its insurer will attempt to settle the claim with the worker for the bare minimum.  More than likely this attempt at settlement will occur after the work comp doctor has given a rating for the employee’s injury.


Hire a Work Comp Lawyer


A lawyer will be able to make sure the rating that the work comp doctor provides is a fair and reasonable rating.  This is done by sending the injured employee to another doctor for an independent medical examination.  This is a doctor that does not have any dealings with the employer or its insurer on a regular basis, unlike the work comp doctor in most cases.  A lawyer will also be able to negotiate on behalf of the employee directly with the employer’s attorney. This will allow the employee to focus on healing and returning to work, if possible.


If you have been injured on the job, then give Rocky a call at 816-353-0009 to discuss your situation. Most work comp lawyers work on a contigency.  That means they only get paid if you do.  


Rocky is taking cases in the Kansas City, MO Metro area including Raytown, Lee’s Summit, Belton, Grandview, Gladstone, Independence, Blue Springs, Liberty, Riverside, North Kansas City, Platte City, Warrensburg, Lexington, Grain Valley, Oak Grove, Buckner and Harrisonville.  If Rocky cannot help you, then he will try to locate a lawyer that can.

















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When a person is injured on the job in Missouri that is usually covered under Missouri’s workers’ compensation law.  Missouri has an extensive workers’ compensation administrative system with local offices throughout the State.  The workers’ compensation division for the metro area is located in Kansas City, MO.