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Although whiplash is a non-medical term, it is a term used to describe a host of injuries, particularly to the neck area caused by the sudden and abrupt jerking, jolting, snapping or change of direction of the head caused usually by a rear-end auto accident. However, whiplash can also result from not only a rear-end car accident, but can also arise from a sports injury or a physical altercation. (An experienced attorney or lawyer should be consulted if you have questions.)




When a neck injury results from whiplash this usually means there has been damage to the cervical spine area. The pain and suffering caused by injury to the neck can manifest itself in headaches, pain in the neck, upper back, shoulder or arm area.  Such pain can be debilitating causing the victim to have to lie down regularly and seek chiropractic help or medical treatment.




A head injury can also be caused by whiplash.  Usually a head injury is the result of a concussion to the brain.  As the recent reports concerning concussions in football have demonstrated, a concussion of the head is a very serious event in an injured person’s life.  Medical science is only just now starting to understand and communicate to the general public the long term implications for persons with concussions.




If you are experiencing any of the signs of whiplash after an accident or crash, then you should seek out medical treatment as soon as possible to make sure your pain and suffering is minimized.  You should not have to live with headaches for the rest of your life.  If the accident occurred in the state of Missouri that caused your injury and was caused by another person or entity, then you should hire a Missouri lawyer to hold them accountable.  If your accident involving whiplash occurred in the Kansas City, Missouri area including Raytown, MO, Lee's Summit, MO, and Grandview, MO, then you should call Rocky at 816-353-0009.

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