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An 18 wheeler can weigh as much 30 times more than the average car on the highways.  With that much weight disparity a driver or passenger in the average car could have inflicted on them serious or even fatal injury.  It must be remembered that commercial trucks are designed for heavy duty hauling, whereas the average family vehicle is designed to haul people only.  Consequently, automobiles are not going to be as resistant to damage as a larger cargo hauler when the two meet. These meetings often result in injuries to the occupants of the smaller vehicle.


Further, trucking companies sometimes fail to do the right thing in regards to puting vehicles on the highway.  Trucking companies sometimes put inexperienced or even bad drivers behind the wheel of their big rigs.  This can happen when a trucking company fails to properly investigate the experience of a potential driver or the trucking company fails to fully investigate the past driving record of the driver they are about to hire.  Sometimes trucking companies violate safety rules limiting how long their drivers can drive on the roads of the Kansas City, Raytown, MO, Grandview, MO, Lee’s Summit, MO, and other cities.  A truck driver encouraged or required to drive more hours than the law allows can create dangerous situations for that driver as well as other drivers that encounter them.


Also, trucking companies, have been known to try to save money by failing to maintain their trucks and trailers in a safe and reasonable manner.  A truck or diesel that is poorly maintained or improperly loaded can become a hazard to other vehicles on the road.  Even good truck drivers can become a danger to other drivers when they are driving poorly maintained semi-trucks.  When this happens the trucking company more than the driver is at fault or negligent in the matter.  You should contact a top notch accident attorney about your case as soon as possible.


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Trucking companies should be held accountable just like ordinary persons when they send tired, bad, or inexperienced drivers in poorly maintained trucks out on the roads and highways of Missouri. Such conduct or behavior creates ongoing risks and hazards for the driving public.  Further if these trucks are sent out at night this can create even more risk to other drivers.  When accidents result from these risks created by trucking companies, serious injuries can be the result.

The government tries to keep tired drivers or poorly maintained vehicles off the roads of Missouri by regularly inspecting commercial vehicles and requiring every truck driver to maintain a logbook to show how long that driver has been in service or working. However, due to the large number of tractor-trailers on the roads, it is not always possible to keep every tired driver or poorly maintained truck off the roads of the Western Missouri.


The government also requires every truck to be properly licensed and insured.  This insurance is designed to cover the damages of persons harmed or even killed by accidents caused by trucks on the roads of Missouri.  If you or a love one has been injured by a truck, then you need an attorney to help you get everything that you are entitled to under the law. Contact attorney Rocky Cannon in Raytown, MO to discuss your case.  He represents clients through out the greater Kansas City area.















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