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   Have you been involved in a SUV Rollover in the Kansas City, MO area that resulted in injury to you? If so, then you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  A SUV rollover can occur in a number of ways such as in an initial car accident, a blown tire, other mechanical defect, or poor design of the SUV.  A person injured in a SUV rollover accident can experience severe injuries as well as prolonged pain and suffering.  Under the law, a person has the right to hold accountable any at "fault party" including the manufacturer of the SUV for their part in creating a party’s injuries.  An experienced attorney will be able to help you determine what parties are at fault in your case.


   Many SUVs fail to have sufficient support structures, such as a roll bar, built into them to prevent cave ins of the roof.  When a roof of a SUV has caved in on the occupants of the SUV, the occupants can suffer severe or even catastrophic injuries.  If this type of accident has happened to you or a loved one, then you will need an attorney to investigate whether your SUV was properly designed or possibly improperly modified.


Kansas City, MO Defective Product Attorney


   Manufacturers of SUV’s are supposed to design their SUVs in such a way that they will not be dangerous to the drivers and passengers of them.  When a manufacturer puts a defective product such as a SUV into the market place, that manufacturer can and should be held accountable for injuries that result from their defective vehicles.  A Lawyer will be able to aid you in determining the specific design defect of the vehicle you were injured in.


   A design expert will be necessary to determine whether a vehicle was defective and that the defect caused or contributed to cause a particular person’s injuries.  Your lawyer will be able to help you locate an independent expert that can make just such a determination.  You should recognize that car manufacturers are big businesses and as such will be able have experts of their own.  That is why it is important to locate an attorney or attorneys that are used to taking on big companies.  Call Rocky discuss your case.








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