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   Have you been injured by a slip and fall caused by someone’s improper maintenance or negligent maintenance of a sidewalk, common area, driveway or parking lot?  If so, then you may have the right to go after any responsible parties for their failure to properly maintain the area where you were injured.  An attorney will be able to help you determine what parties to hold responsible.


   For instance, in a landlord/tenant situation where a slip and fall occurred on rental property, the Property Management Company, the Apartment Complex Owner, the Landscaping Company, and the Independent Maintenance Company could all be responsible parties for the slip and fall.

Specific causes of a slip and fall can include faulty snow removal, insufficient ice melt or salt treatment, and no posted warning signs.  A person unlucky enough to experience a fall can be injured with broken bones or bone fractures.  Such injuries can result in extensive medical bills as well as continuous pain and suffering for the injured person.


Kansas City Trip and Fall Attorney


   Sometimes persons are injured by tripping over or on something that results in a fall.  Among personal injury lawyers this is referred to as a trip and fall.  Persons injured in trip and falls may be entitled to pursue a claim against the party or parties that caused the hazardous condition from which the trip and fall originated from.  A lawyer will be in the best position to help an injured person determine if a claim can be made for damages.  If you are injured in a trip and fall, then if possible attempt to obtain pictures of the accident scene.  The closer to the time of the trip and fall the better.  Such photographs could be used to prove your case later.  Call Rocky to speak with a Kansas City area attorney about your slip and fall or trip and fall case.












Your choice of a slip and fall lawyer or slip and fall lawfirm is an important decision should not be based solely on advertisements.  A slip and fall case may be referred out to another lawyer better suited for that particular case to insure the best possible representation of the client.

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