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The shoulder is considered a ball and socket type joint.

The shoulder has three different bones associated with it.  

These bones are the scapula, the clavicle, and the humorous.  

The scapula is also known as the shoulder blade, the clavicle is also known as the collarbone, and the humorous is also known as the upper arm bone.


The upper arm bone sets into the socket of the shoulder blade allowing for free range of movement.  The clavicle supports this operation.  Some of the muscles involved in the movement of the shoulder include pectoral girdle, the trapezius, rhomboid major, and the teres major. Also, there are tendons involved with the muscle such as the rotator cuff, which help to stabilize the arm around in the shoulder.


A shoulder injury can arise from a work related injury, a fall, a vehicle accident, a sports injury, or even a sudden jerk to the arm.  When an injury to the shoulder occurs a broken or cracked bone or a tear or rip in the supporting tissue can occur.  An example of a broken bone would be the classic broken collarbone.  A rotator cuff injury would be an example of a tear type injury to the shoulder.  Shoulder injuries can also include the following: separated shoulder, dislocated shoulder, and frozen shoulder.


A separated shoulder is considered to have occurred when the ligaments attaching the shoulder blade to the collarbone have been stretched, torn, or ripped.  A dislocated shoulder occurs when the arm bone is literally popped out of the socket.  A frozen shoulder is characterized by stiffness and pain when the shoulder is used.


To properly diagnosis a shoulder injury may require the use of a MRI.  Treatments for a shoulder injury can involve cortisone shots, arthroscopy or even joint replacement.  If you have been involved in an accident that caused by someone else, and your shoulder was injured as a result, then you should contact an attorney to explain your right to be reimbursed for your damages.  Call Rocky at 816-353-0009.


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