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By Rocky Cannon, Dec 20 2017 09:00AM

Raytown MO Area Auto Collision Injury Attorney Advocate

Are you in need of an advocate on your behalf for an injury that was caused by an Auto Collision in the Raytown, MO area? If so, then you should call a personal injury attorney today about your injury. You may have a case where you would be entitled to receive fair and just compensation for your injury or injuries that were caused by an auto collision that was not or mainly not your fault.

By Rocky Cannon, Oct 30 2017 08:24PM

Raytown Car Pool Accident Lawyer

Have you been injured in a Raytown car accident while carpooling? If so, then you may be entitled to seek compensation from more than one party or entity. This can be true if you were a passenger in the car. Consequently, you should speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as you can to help sort out the situation. Further, if there are other injured persons in the accident, then you will want to make sure you have an aggressive lawyer representing you to make sure you get your fair share of any insurance coverage.

By Rocky Cannon, Oct 16 2017 02:00PM

Raytown Auto Collision Personal Injury Attorney

Do you believe you have a personal injury from an auto collision in Raytown caused by someone else? If so, then you should consult with a Raytown personal injury attorney about your situation. With the right attorney, you will be able to maximize your compensation from your personal injury. The right attorney will be able to make sure you get everything that you are legally entitled to get. The right attorney should be willing to put up the costs of processing your case with no obligation to you. You should call as soon as possible to get started.

By Rocky Cannon, Aug 23 2016 01:06PM

Reverse Angle Parking or back-in angle parking is something new to the Raytown, MO downtown area. An internet research of the topic revealed that it is now being used in a number of cities throughout the country.

If you don’t know what it is, it basically requires you to stop and back into your angled parking spot. It is being touted as providing better vision for seeing bicyclists, pedestrians, cars and trucks as you pull out. One study I saw indicated a decrease in accidents over a four-year period compared to the previous four years when standard parking was in place. However, seems to me, at least until people become use to the new method of parking, an increase in rear-end collisions are likely to result. I have also read that some businesses where the new reverse angle parking was installed reported a decrease in business which could account for a reduction in accidents as oppose to the use of reverse angle parking.

Only time will tell if the new parking will reduce accidents or increase them. So if you have travelling in Raytown, MO especially westbound on 63rd street you should keep an eye for this new type of parking.

By Rocky Cannon, Mar 1 2016 07:00AM

A person can be seriously injured in a car wreck. Usually, persons seriously injured in a car wreck are transported from the scene by ambulance to the hospital. At some point, a person injured in a car wreck is released from the hospital. This is where some people make a mistake in regards to their treatment. They stop going for medical treatment without the proper clearance from their doctor. This can lead to people that would otherwise be fully healed with living with ongoing medical problems. If you have been injured in an accident or car wreck in Raytown, MO, then you should make sure that you stay with your medical treatment until the doctor releases you. If your accident was the fault of someone else, then you should speak with a lawyer about it.

By Rocky Cannon, Dec 2 2015 05:00PM

It is always nice to get a package from a delivery truck, but accidents can happen involving delivery trucks. Delivery trucks, or sometimes called package cars, often stop in places that they should not actually stop. For instance, I have seen delivery trucks stopped on busy two lane roads. This requires other vehicles to either stop unexpectedly or try to go around them. This can lead to accidents with the delivery truck or other vehicles nearby. If you are injured from an accident in the Raytown, MO area involving a Delivery Truck, then you should consult an personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and help you hold the delivery company accountable for the mistakes their drivers make. This will encourage delivery companies to make sure their drivers are driving safely in addition to getting packages to the correct locations. Call Rocky, Attorney at Law, at 816-353-0009.

By Rocky Cannon, Oct 16 2015 03:00PM

If you have been injured in a trucking accident in Raytown, MO, then you should consult with a trucking accident lawyer to see what rights you have. You may be able to pursue not only the truck driver, but his or her employer or owner of the truck he or she was driving. Hopefully you were not seriously hurt in your accident, but if you were it is very important to get a lawyer on your case as soon as you are able in order to start the complicated process of assembling your case for damages. You can call Rocky, Attorney at Law, at 816-353-0009 to discuss your situation.

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