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By Rocky Cannon, Mar 30 2020 03:26PM

I hope everyone is staying safe. Looks like the local courts, in the Kansas City area, will be closed for in person appearances through all of April 2020. It is my understanding that all court dates during this period will be continued to a later date. If you have a warrant and want to try to get it lifted or recalled during this period, a motion can be filed on your behalf by your lawyer electronically or by fax with the appropriate court requesting that it be lifted and a new court date given. Call me if you wish to find out more about and cost.

By Rocky Cannon, Dec 3 2019 04:30PM

Raytown Missouri Municipal Court Traffic Attorney

Do you need the services of a Raytown Missouri Municipal Court Traffic Attorney? If so, then consider calling a Raytown Traffic Attorney that is familiar with the Raytown Missouri Municipal Court.

A local Raytown traffic attorney will be able to assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for your traffic tickets or citations. You may be able to avoid points on your license and damaging convictions to your record with the assistance of a traffic attorney. Raytown Municipal Court usually meets on Monday nights, Wednesday mornings and Wednesday evenings several times a month. If you have an upcoming court date, then you should call an attorney right away. Call today, for court tomorrow.

By Rocky Cannon, Oct 11 2019 07:45PM

Raytown DWI, DWS, DWR, or Possession Attorney at Law

Have you received from a Raytown, Mo Police Officer a citation for a DWI, DWS, DWR or possession of an illegal substance? If so, then you should consider contacting a Raytown attorney to discuss your case and see what rights and or options you may have available to you. An attorney can represent you in front of the court and also speak to the prosecutor on your behalf. A plea bargain can be arranged many times to avoid trial and minimize consequences. You should speak to attorney prior to court to see what can be done.

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