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Welcome to Rocky's Blog. A Kansas City area attorney.  Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on an advertisement or blog post in making your decision to retain counsel.


By Rocky Cannon, Apr 16 2018 07:00AM

Lee’s Summit Accident Personal Injury Attorney

Have you received a personal injury from an accident in Lee’s Summit? If you have, then you should reach out to a personal injury attorney to discuss your situation. You may be able to claim compensation for your personal injuries such as pain and suffering. Generally, an insurance company is less likely to take a person’s claim of pain and suffering seriously without the aid of an attorney. This is because an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to explain to the insurance company how they will be held accountable in a court of law for the client’s pain and suffering.

By Rocky Cannon, Sep 8 2017 09:00PM

Lee’s Summit Big Truck Accident Lawyer

A big truck accident can be a horrific accident. Have you been involved in a big truck accident in Lee’s Summit? If so, then give a big truck accident lawyer a call today. A big truck accident lawyer will have experience with big truck accidents. A big truck accident lawyer will know how to demand the most compensation for his or her clients. Big trucks are required to carry insurance to cover serious accidents, but that does not mean that the insurance funds will be easily obtained by the injured party. That is why you need a lawyer on the case as soon as you can to help protect yourself.

By Rocky Cannon, Jan 20 2017 03:00PM

Lee’s Summit, MO Traffic Accident Attorney

Have you been injured in a traffic accident in Lee’s Summit, MO that was not your fault and you are now needing an attorney to help you. If so, then consider calling Rocky Cannon, Attorney at Law, to discuss your traffic accident in Lee’s Summit, MO. Rocky will speak to you on the phone. Rocky will listen to your situation and help you if he can. Rocky Cannon has been a lawyer since 1999 and has gained valuable experience during that time. Let him put that experience to use for you. Call 816-353-0009.

By Rocky Cannon, Dec 16 2016 12:00PM

Have you been the victim in a vehicular accident in Lee’s Summit, MO? If so, then you should call around and speak with an attorney about your vehicular accident. If you have been injured in the accident, then you may be able to seek redress from the guilty party. Accidents during the holidays can put a real damper on the holiday season. That is why you should contact a lawyer about your potential case as soon as possible to take some of the burden off you during the holiday season.

Lee's Summit, Mo 3rd and Main St
Lee's Summit, Mo 3rd and Main St

By Rocky Cannon, Jun 24 2016 07:42PM

Lee’s Summit, MO Motorcycle Trike Accident Lawyer

Persons injured on Motorcycle trikes face many of the same challenges that persons on standard two wheel motorcycles face when they experience an accident. Although, a motorcycle trike would appear safer than a regular motorcycle, a person can still receive serious injuries on one. If you have been injured on a motorcycle trike in Lee’s Summit, MO, then you should consider calling a personal injury lawyer to discuss what options you have available including your ability to stack insurance policies to pay for your damages. As in any personal injury suit, you will have the ability to make a claim for a number of types of injuries. You should consult with your lawyer concerning the exact types of damages you can insist on being reimbursed for by the negligent party.

By Rocky Cannon, Feb 2 2016 05:18PM

Have you been injured in Lee’s Summit, MO? Was your injury the fault of someone else? If so, then you have what is referred to legally as a personal injury claim. Such a claim may entitle you to payment for lost wages, payment for medical bills, and payment for pain and suffering. A lawyer or attorney that handles personal injury claims will be in the best position to help you collect what you are legally entitled to collect on. Call Rocky to speak with an attorney about your Lee’s Summit, MO personal injury claim.

By Rocky Cannon, Jan 15 2016 09:00AM

If you have a loved one in a nursing home in Lee's Summit, MO, that you feel is being neglected or mistreated, then you should consider contacting an attorney about the situation. Does your loved one have serious bed sores, unexplained bruises or other injuries? If so, then you know something must not be right. Do not settle for what they are telling you, when you know something is wrong. Contact an attorney about your loved one’s situation to find out what rights he or she may have. Call Rocky at 816-353-0009 to talk with a lawyer about your loved one’s situation.

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