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By Rocky Cannon, Mar 6 2020 08:00AM

Kansas City Highway Car and Truck Accidents Lawyer

Here lately, every morning, there seems to be some type of accident that slows traffic down drastically in the Kansas City area. In this busy world, it is easy to come distracted while driving. Newer vehicles are now coming equipped with driver assist features that may help avoid an accident. If you have these features on your vehicle, then you may wish to study up on them to see if they may be right for you. Some drivers might find them helpful, while others might find them distracting.

If you have been in an accident caused by a driver that may have been distracted, then you may wish to consult an lawyer about the matter.

By Rocky Cannon, Mar 3 2020 10:37PM

Accident Lawyer KC Metro Bus Rider

Have you been injured as a rider on a KC Metro Bus recently? Is so, then you should contact an accident lawyer to assist you in the matter. There are cameras on the these buses but it is very difficult to obtain them without the help of a lawyer willing to spend time on it. There are lawyers in Kansas City willing to do that. Call to find out about one today.

By Rocky Cannon, Jan 28 2020 02:42PM

Kansas City Class Action Attorneys

Some battles are to big or even to small to be fought single handed. That is why the law provides for class actions to be brought. Class actions can be used to address wide spread mistakes or acts committed by corporate actors that result in damages to a great number of people. Those damages can take the form of personal injury, monetary loss and/or property damage. If you think you may have a class action in the Kansas City area, then you should call a Kansas City Class Action Attorney today to discuss the feasibility of your case, and what role you can play in righting a wrong.

By Rocky Cannon, Jan 9 2020 03:00PM

Kansas City Municipal Court Traffic Violation Attorney

Have you been charged with a traffic violation in the Kansas City Municipal Court? If so, then you should speak with a Kansas City area attorney to see what options you may have. Your Kansas City area attorney may be able to work out a deal with the Kansas City prosecutor’s office to keep points off your record and you out of jail. You should retain an attorney prior to court so he or she can advise you on what you should be doing to so that you will be ready for court. Payment plans may be available with the Court to pay the Court any fines or court costs you may owe. Attorney fees would be separate from fines and court costs owed the court. Call an attorney today to see what options you have.

By Rocky Cannon, Dec 16 2019 03:04PM

Kansas City Snow Related Car Accident Law Firm

Have you been injured in a car accident during the latest snow storm in Kansas City? If so, then you should contact a law firm that can represent you in the matter. A law firm will be able to evaluate your case and determine if you have right or chance to seek compensation from the at fault party. You may be able to seek compensation for loss wages, unpaid medical bills and emotional suffering. If you believe that you are being treated unfairly by any insurance company you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

By Rocky Cannon, Nov 4 2019 08:27PM

Kansas City Freeway Auto Accidents

Even in good weather, auto accidents can occur on Kansas City freeways. This can be due many things such as people not paying attention to traffic stoppages in front of them or objects being in the road causing a vehicle to swerve into another vehicle. Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out the responsible party in these freeway accidents. Sometimes, more than one party is to blame for an accident. The police investigating these types of accidents can go along way in determining the responsible party or parties. If you have been in accident, then you should attempt to obtain a copy of the police report as soon as possible. If you decide to seek the help of an attorney, then having the police report will certainly showing them you are committed to your case. If you do not have a police report, then no worries the attorney can get if he or she decides to take the case.

By Rocky Cannon, Sep 20 2019 07:00AM

Car/Truck Accident Kansas City Freeway system

Have you been involved in a car or truck accident on the Kansas City freeway system that was not your fault and for which you received serious injury? If so, then you may need to seek legal assistance even while you are in the hospital to protect your rights to compensation. Insurance companies may attempt to contact and settle your case before you are at medical maximum improvement. Consequently, it is at times like this that an attorney can help keep the insurance company off your back while you recover. You or a loved one should contact an attorney to discuss your situation.

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