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Welcome to Rocky's Blog. A Kansas City area attorney.  Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on an advertisement or blog post in making your decision to retain counsel.


By Rocky Cannon, Oct 17 2018 03:00PM

Kansas City Car Collision Missouri Lawyer

Have you been in a car collision that was not your fault and resulted in personal injury to you or a loved one? If the answer is yes, then you should recognize that you can do something about it. You can seek compensation for your personal injuries. You could do it on your own, but that would be like doing your own surgery. No, instead you should get a personal injury lawyer on your case. For instance, if you have had a car collision in Kansas City, then you should seek a Missouri lawyer on the matter, even if you live out of state. A Missouri lawyer will know the law as it pertains to a Kansas City Missouri Car Collision. You should call a Missouri lawyer today.

By Rocky Cannon, Aug 20 2018 03:00PM

Kansas City Missouri Traffic Ticket Attorney

Have you received a traffic ticket or citation from a Kansas City Missouri Police Officer? If so, then you should contact a traffic lawyer about your situation. Even where you are at fault, a traffic lawyer can help you work out a plea bargain to either keep points off your driving record and or help you get the charges reduced to a lesser charge. Also, you may have certain defenses that you can raise to the charges listed on your traffic ticket or tickets. You should call an attorney or lawyer before your first or next court date.

By Rocky Cannon, Aug 10 2018 08:00AM

Kansas City Scooter Accident Attorney

Have you been injured on a Scooter in Kansas City such as a car hitting you? If you have, then you should consult with a Kansas City Scooter Accident Attorney about your accident. You may have a right to hold the driver of the car responsible for your injuries. A Kansas City Scooter Accident Attorney can help get the compensation you deserve.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 19 2018 06:28PM


Have you been seriously injured in a car or auto wreck in the Kansas City area? If so, then you should be aware of what rights you have. If the accident was caused by another person, then you have a right to seek redress from that person. If that person was on the job, then you may also have rights against his or her employer. You should seek legal representation as soon as possible.

By Rocky Cannon, Apr 23 2018 06:00AM

Kansas City Area Auto Accident and Injury Attorney

Have you been involved in an auto accident in the Kansas City area resulting in personal injury to you? If this is you, then you should contact a personal injury attorney today to discuss your auto accident and personal injury. A personal injury attorney will be able to help you receive compensation for unpaid medical bills as well as other types of damages. Damages such as pain and suffering you have endured through the accident and afterwards may be compensable. Get a personal injury attorney retained as soon as you are able. Call Rocky if you need help or direction.

By Rocky Cannon, Apr 10 2018 07:00AM

Kansas City Accident Lawyer

Did a recent weather event cause an accident that you were injured in? If so, then you should reach out to an accident lawyer to see if you have a right to pursue a personal injury claim against the responsible person for your Kansas City accident. An accident or personal injury lawyer will be able to help you to decide what to do. It may be that your case is not particularly strong or that your damages are not very extensive, but regardless, you should contact a personal injury lawyer anyway, because you may have a stronger case then you think. The sooner you call, the sooner you will know where you stand.

By Rocky Cannon, Mar 30 2018 04:00PM

Kansas City Personal Injury Accident Attorney

Do you need the help of a personal injury attorney for an accident that occurred in Kansas City? If so, then you should call Rocky Cannon, Attorney at Law, today. He may be able to help you, and if he is not able to, then he may be able to find someone who can. You should give him a call to discuss your personal injury accident.

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