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Welcome to Rocky's Blog. A Kansas City area attorney.  Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on an advertisement or blog post in making your decision to retain counsel.


By Rocky Cannon, Nov 4 2019 08:27PM

Kansas City Freeway Auto Accidents

Even in good weather, auto accidents can occur on Kansas City freeways. This can be due many things such as people not paying attention to traffic stoppages in front of them or objects being in the road causing a vehicle to swerve into another vehicle. Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out the responsible party in these freeway accidents. Sometimes, more than one party is to blame for an accident. The police investigating these types of accidents can go along way in determining the responsible party or parties. If you have been in accident, then you should attempt to obtain a copy of the police report as soon as possible. If you decide to seek the help of an attorney, then having the police report will certainly showing them you are committed to your case. If you do not have a police report, then no worries the attorney can get if he or she decides to take the case.

By Rocky Cannon, Sep 20 2019 07:00AM

Car/Truck Accident Kansas City Freeway system

Have you been involved in a car or truck accident on the Kansas City freeway system that was not your fault and for which you received serious injury? If so, then you may need to seek legal assistance even while you are in the hospital to protect your rights to compensation. Insurance companies may attempt to contact and settle your case before you are at medical maximum improvement. Consequently, it is at times like this that an attorney can help keep the insurance company off your back while you recover. You or a loved one should contact an attorney to discuss your situation.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 3 2019 07:00AM

Kansas City Municipal Court Traffic Case Attorney

Do you have a court date for a ticket issued by a Kansas City, Missouri Police Officer that is set in the Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court? If so, then you should speak with a traffic case attorney about your situation. You may have a defense, or you may want to work out a deal with the prosecutor to keep your record clean. You may have several options that an attorney will be able to assist you with.

Call a traffic case attorney today to get started.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 1 2019 03:00PM

KC Personal Injury Lawyer or Attorney

Have you been injured in an accident such as a car wreck or truck wreck in the KC area? If so, then you may have a personal injury claim that you are entitled to recover from. Under the law, you may be able to seek reimbursement for pain and suffering as well unpaid medical bills from the person that caused the accident. In car and truck accidents, there may be insurance available to cover your damages. However, insurance companies try to settle for cheap with injured persons before they can retain an attorney or lawyer. That is why it is important to get in touch with an attorney or lawyer before the insurance adjusters start trying to pressure you into settling for less than your claim is worth.

By Rocky Cannon, Feb 11 2019 02:56PM

Kansas City Auto Collision Lawyer

Auto collisions continue to occur in the Kansas City are during this time of winter weather. Have you been in an auto collision, that was not your fault, and where you were injured? If so, then you should speak with an auto collision lawyer about your injuries and to see whether you have a viable case. A Kansas City auto collision lawyer will be able to assist you in determining the best way to proceed including how to deal with any insurance adjusters assigned to the case. A Kansas City auto collision lawyer will be able to represent you in your dealings with any insurance company and with the at fault party. The at fault party is the party that is responsible for causing the accident. If the collision happened on a public street, then the at fault party usually will receive a traffic citation for causing a collision.

By Rocky Cannon, Feb 6 2019 06:46PM

Have you been in a “slid into accident” caused by another vehicle on ice covered roads in the Kansas City area?

If so, then you should seek the opinion of a personal injury attorney in the Kansas City area. A local personal injury attorney will be familiar with the local laws and will likely know the area where you had your accident.

Ice on roads can be a major factor in accidents around the metro area. Drivers failing to provide adequate braking distances between cars can result in “slid into crashes.” It is the job of each driver to keep a careful lookout for possible slide situations. When a driver fails to do this, then it may be considered negligence under the law.

In some “slid into accidents”, video may be available of the accident such as from a stoplight camera. Such video could make or break the case. That is why you need legal representation to help you retain any useful videos before they are taped over or deleted.

By Rocky Cannon, Jan 30 2019 11:00AM

Kansas City Traffic Accident Bodily Injury Lawyer

Have you been bodily injured in a traffic accident in the Kansas City Area? If so, then you may wish to speak with a lawyer about your bodily injuries. If the traffic accident was caused by anther party, then you may be able to seek compensation from any insurance plan that covered the accident. Under Missouri law, auto insurance plans are supposed to have minimum coverages for bodily injuries included in them. Insurance companies if they know they are going to have to pay sooner or later will try to get persons not represented by lawyers to settle quickly for as cheap as possible. You should speak with a local injury lawyer before you speak with the at fault person’s insurance representative to make sure you are getting the best possible result.

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