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By Rocky Cannon, Jul 26 2019 07:00AM

Insurance Companies Keep Secrets III

Insurance companies will not disclose to injured persons negative information they know about their clients. The insurance company may know about criminal convictions or other lawsuits, but they will not tell an injured party such information. This information might make it difficult for an insurance company to settle a claim cheaply, which is the exact opposite of what the insurance company wants. Insurance companies also will have a pretty good idea of what kind of long-term treatment an injury will require. The insurance company will not disclose that an injured person may be able to seek recovery for future medical costs and expenses. If an injured person wants to know what can be done about future medical costs or expenses, then they should contact a personal injury attorney and not rely on the insurance company to properly advise them.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 22 2019 07:00AM

Insurance Companies Keep Secrets II

Insurance companies are motivated to keep information to themselves to avoid paying larger claims than they would otherwise have to. The insurance company may have information that a lawyer can get with a court order, but that an injured person representing themselves will not likely be able to obtain. An insurance company will not volunteer harmful information to their bottom line to an injured person. For instant, an insurance company may know the car of its insured was under a recall order or needed certain mechanical work to be done to it. Such information if known to an injury person’s injury attorney might lead to additional types of damages.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 11 2019 07:00AM

Independence, Car Accident, Missouri Lawyer

Have you been involved in a car accident in the Independence, Missouri area? If so, then you should pick up the phone and contact an Independence, Car Accident, Missouri Lawyer. An Independence, Car Accident, Missouri Lawyer can help you navigate the process of a claim. This would include any claim against insurance that is available. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and having a lawyer on your side minimizes an insurance company’s ability to keep injured persons from obtaining maximum compensation. Insurance companies put policies and procedures in place to make it difficult to make maximum claims against them.

By Rocky Cannon, May 22 2019 03:59PM

Raytown Accident Lawyer

There seems to be more cars and trucks on the road these days. That means more congested streets and roads in Raytown and the potential for more car and truck accidents. Besides congestion, another contributing factor to the increase of accidents is the wide spread use of cellphones for talking and texting.

Cellphones are so convenient. Cellphones have become an integral part of peoples’ lives. It is hard to quit using them when a person enters a vehicle to drive. Yet that is what they should do, particularly in the case of texting while driving, if a person is to reduce his or her chances of causing or contributing to causing a car or truck accident.

If an accident is caused by a talking or texting driver, then that driver can be held responsible for the damages of any other person in the accident. The guilty driver will also likely be charged with a crime, because of causing the accident. If you or loved one has been injured in a car or truck accident in Raytown, then you should contact a Raytown lawyer today for advice.

By Rocky Cannon, May 13 2019 02:25PM

Fog Car Accident Attorney

This is the time for inclement weather. Foggy conditions are one of the possible weather conditions that can confront drivers. Foggy conditions are one of the those driving conditions that require extra attention while driving. Not only should a driver pay close attention to his or her driving, but he or she should also take into consideration that other drivers may behave differently than normal, and adjust his or her driving to that possibility as well. This may require slower speeds or braking early.

Consider when merging into traffic, that under normal conditions, other drivers may have sufficient time to adjust to your merging, but in foggy conditions other drivers may not act or response as expected. In foggy conditions, other drivers may not see you as soon as they normally would. This could lead to a car accident. The same may be true for you, in that you may not see them as soon as normal. Consequently, you may need to be extra vigilant. If you have an accident in the fog, then you may need to contact a car accident attorney.

In many situations, slowing down below the speed you normally drive may be advisable. Lowering your speed is one of the safest things you can do in most situations. However, when lowering your speed you must take into consideration the likely speed of vehicles behind you. This may determine the safest speed in which you can slow down to. One low speed on a side street may be safe, but that same speed on the freeway may not. Thus, you must pay special attention to all such driving considerations.

By Rocky Cannon, Feb 11 2019 02:56PM

Kansas City Auto Collision Lawyer

Auto collisions continue to occur in the Kansas City are during this time of winter weather. Have you been in an auto collision, that was not your fault, and where you were injured? If so, then you should speak with an auto collision lawyer about your injuries and to see whether you have a viable case. A Kansas City auto collision lawyer will be able to assist you in determining the best way to proceed including how to deal with any insurance adjusters assigned to the case. A Kansas City auto collision lawyer will be able to represent you in your dealings with any insurance company and with the at fault party. The at fault party is the party that is responsible for causing the accident. If the collision happened on a public street, then the at fault party usually will receive a traffic citation for causing a collision.

By Rocky Cannon, Feb 6 2019 06:46PM

Have you been in a “slid into accident” caused by another vehicle on ice covered roads in the Kansas City area?

If so, then you should seek the opinion of a personal injury attorney in the Kansas City area. A local personal injury attorney will be familiar with the local laws and will likely know the area where you had your accident.

Ice on roads can be a major factor in accidents around the metro area. Drivers failing to provide adequate braking distances between cars can result in “slid into crashes.” It is the job of each driver to keep a careful lookout for possible slide situations. When a driver fails to do this, then it may be considered negligence under the law.

In some “slid into accidents”, video may be available of the accident such as from a stoplight camera. Such video could make or break the case. That is why you need legal representation to help you retain any useful videos before they are taped over or deleted.

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