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By Rocky Cannon, Nov 4 2019 08:27PM

Kansas City Freeway Auto Accidents

Even in good weather, auto accidents can occur on Kansas City freeways. This can be due many things such as people not paying attention to traffic stoppages in front of them or objects being in the road causing a vehicle to swerve into another vehicle. Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out the responsible party in these freeway accidents. Sometimes, more than one party is to blame for an accident. The police investigating these types of accidents can go along way in determining the responsible party or parties. If you have been in accident, then you should attempt to obtain a copy of the police report as soon as possible. If you decide to seek the help of an attorney, then having the police report will certainly showing them you are committed to your case. If you do not have a police report, then no worries the attorney can get if he or she decides to take the case.

By Rocky Cannon, Oct 15 2019 07:00AM

Independence Street Traffic Accident Lawyer

Have you experienced a street accident in Independence recently? Was this a street accident that was not your fault and for which another person received a ticket for causing the accident? If so, then you should speak with an accident lawyer about your accident if you have been injured. You should further speak with an accident lawyer before you get to far along in the process to make sure that you do not get off track. An accident lawyer will help you understand the value of your case as well as the best way to proceed. Your accident lawyer will also help you make sure that any insurance company involved in the process does not take advantage of you.

By Rocky Cannon, Oct 11 2019 08:03PM

Auto Crash Injury Attorney Blue Springs

Have you been in an auto crash or accident that resulted in injury to you in Blue Springs? If so, then you should contact an attorney to find out what you can do about it. If the accident was the fault of another, then you may be able to hold them accountable for any injuries you have received. These days autos are safer than they used to be, but persons can still get injured in them, particularly when they are already fragile. Under the law this is sometimes referred to as the eggshell plaintiff. You should contact a injury attorney to find out more details about being injured with pre-existing injuries.

By Rocky Cannon, Oct 11 2019 07:45PM

Raytown DWI, DWS, DWR, or Possession Attorney at Law

Have you received from a Raytown, Mo Police Officer a citation for a DWI, DWS, DWR or possession of an illegal substance? If so, then you should consider contacting a Raytown attorney to discuss your case and see what rights and or options you may have available to you. An attorney can represent you in front of the court and also speak to the prosecutor on your behalf. A plea bargain can be arranged many times to avoid trial and minimize consequences. You should speak to attorney prior to court to see what can be done.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 26 2019 07:00AM

Insurance Companies Keep Secrets III

Insurance companies will not disclose to injured persons negative information they know about their clients. The insurance company may know about criminal convictions or other lawsuits, but they will not tell an injured party such information. This information might make it difficult for an insurance company to settle a claim cheaply, which is the exact opposite of what the insurance company wants. Insurance companies also will have a pretty good idea of what kind of long-term treatment an injury will require. The insurance company will not disclose that an injured person may be able to seek recovery for future medical costs and expenses. If an injured person wants to know what can be done about future medical costs or expenses, then they should contact a personal injury attorney and not rely on the insurance company to properly advise them.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 22 2019 07:00AM

Insurance Companies Keep Secrets II

Insurance companies are motivated to keep information to themselves to avoid paying larger claims than they would otherwise have to. The insurance company may have information that a lawyer can get with a court order, but that an injured person representing themselves will not likely be able to obtain. An insurance company will not volunteer harmful information to their bottom line to an injured person. For instant, an insurance company may know the car of its insured was under a recall order or needed certain mechanical work to be done to it. Such information if known to an injury person’s injury attorney might lead to additional types of damages.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 11 2019 07:00AM

Independence, Car Accident, Missouri Lawyer

Have you been involved in a car accident in the Independence, Missouri area? If so, then you should pick up the phone and contact an Independence, Car Accident, Missouri Lawyer. An Independence, Car Accident, Missouri Lawyer can help you navigate the process of a claim. This would include any claim against insurance that is available. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and having a lawyer on your side minimizes an insurance company’s ability to keep injured persons from obtaining maximum compensation. Insurance companies put policies and procedures in place to make it difficult to make maximum claims against them.

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