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Welcome to Rocky's Blog. A Kansas City area attorney.  Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on an advertisement or blog post in making your decision to retain counsel.


By Rocky Cannon, Sep 4 2018 03:00PM

Raytown Traffic Court Attorney

Have you been charged with a crime by receiving a traffic ticket or citation from a Raytown Police Officer? If so, then you will likely need an attorney to keep or minimize the charges from going on your record. With an attorney you will have someone to represent you before the court and also to speak to the prosecutor on your behalf. You should be aware a private attorney will charge a fee for his or her services. This fee will be separate of any fines and costs that the court may impose on you. However, with the assistance of your private attorney the fines and costs may be part of the plea bargain you work out with the city to avoid unwanted charges being put on your record. Call an attorney today.

By Rocky Cannon, Aug 20 2018 03:00PM

Kansas City Missouri Traffic Ticket Attorney

Have you received a traffic ticket or citation from a Kansas City Missouri Police Officer? If so, then you should contact a traffic lawyer about your situation. Even where you are at fault, a traffic lawyer can help you work out a plea bargain to either keep points off your driving record and or help you get the charges reduced to a lesser charge. Also, you may have certain defenses that you can raise to the charges listed on your traffic ticket or tickets. You should call an attorney or lawyer before your first or next court date.

By Rocky Cannon, Aug 16 2018 03:00PM

Independence/ Lee’s Summit Road Construction 470

There is serious construction going on around town and now they have added 470 to the list of construction projects. This will likely result in a number of accidents in the Independence or Lee’s Summit area as drivers try to merge using the zipper merges that have been set up. If you have been injured in an accident in a construction zone, make sure you take pictures of the construction zone as well as the accident. You never know when you may need to prove that you were not at fault in the accident. Call a lawyer if you have questions.

By Rocky Cannon, Aug 14 2018 04:00PM

Blue Springs Car Wreck Injury Attorney

Have you in the last year been in a car wreck in the Blue Springs area that resulted in injury to you. If so, then you may be entitled to pursue a claim against the person that caused the car wreck. You should speak with a personal injury attorney familiar with the streets and roads of Blue Springs as well as understanding the applicable rules of law in regards to car wrecks. An injury attorney will be able to assist you in determining what type of claim you can make for your damages. You should speak with an attorney today, before any more time passes.

By Rocky Cannon, Aug 11 2018 04:00PM

With drones becoming more and more common, we are likely to start hearing or seeing about accidents involving drones. It is my understanding that various insurance companies are or will be offering insurance for drones. As a Missouri personal injury attorney, when thinking about any accident, I naturally consider who would be the responsible party for the accident. The maker, the seller, or the pilot. Maybe all three. This is the type of issue, that lawyers and judges may be answering in the near future.

By Rocky Cannon, Aug 10 2018 08:00AM

Kansas City Scooter Accident Attorney

Have you been injured on a Scooter in Kansas City such as a car hitting you? If you have, then you should consult with a Kansas City Scooter Accident Attorney about your accident. You may have a right to hold the driver of the car responsible for your injuries. A Kansas City Scooter Accident Attorney can help get the compensation you deserve.

By Rocky Cannon, Aug 6 2018 11:00AM

Jackson County Personal Injury Accident Attorney

Do you have a personal injury claim from an accident that occurred in Jackson County, Missouri? If so, then you should contact an attorney in Jackson County familiar with typical personal injury scenarios that occur within the county borders. Typical personal injuries occurring in Jackson County include auto accidents, trucking accident, and slip and falls. You should speak with a personal injury attorney as early in the process as you can to make sure that you do not make a mistake that costs you later.

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