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By Rocky Cannon, Jul 31 2019 07:00AM

Insurance Companies Keep Secrets IV

Insurance companies are not under a duty to tell injured persons about all the potential defendants or responsible parties there may be for their injuries. This could include persons that have negligently entrusted their vehicle to an “at fault” driver. The insurance company does not have to tell you about prior accidents that involved their insured’s vehicle. Insurance companies will not tell an injured person about any possible claim for diminished value that the injured person may have for his or her vehicle. The insurance company does not have to tell injured person what they really think their case is worth. Insurance companies will seek to get injured persons to sign overbroad medical authorizations that will allow them to find out about prior injuries that can be used to devalue an injured person’s claim is worth less. An insurance company will not tell an injured person that they will be looking for prior injuries. Consequently, seek out a personal injury attorney before you sign any medical authorization forms.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 26 2019 07:00AM

Insurance Companies Keep Secrets III

Insurance companies will not disclose to injured persons negative information they know about their clients. The insurance company may know about criminal convictions or other lawsuits, but they will not tell an injured party such information. This information might make it difficult for an insurance company to settle a claim cheaply, which is the exact opposite of what the insurance company wants. Insurance companies also will have a pretty good idea of what kind of long-term treatment an injury will require. The insurance company will not disclose that an injured person may be able to seek recovery for future medical costs and expenses. If an injured person wants to know what can be done about future medical costs or expenses, then they should contact a personal injury attorney and not rely on the insurance company to properly advise them.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 22 2019 07:00AM

Insurance Companies Keep Secrets II

Insurance companies are motivated to keep information to themselves to avoid paying larger claims than they would otherwise have to. The insurance company may have information that a lawyer can get with a court order, but that an injured person representing themselves will not likely be able to obtain. An insurance company will not volunteer harmful information to their bottom line to an injured person. For instant, an insurance company may know the car of its insured was under a recall order or needed certain mechanical work to be done to it. Such information if known to an injury person’s injury attorney might lead to additional types of damages.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 15 2019 07:00AM

Insurance Companies Keep Secrets

In this five-part series, I will discuss how insurance companies seek to keep secret information that is harmful to them and helpful to injured persons’ seeking compensation for their injuries. Insurance companies owe no duty to volunteer information to injured persons not insured by them. What this means is the insurance company is not obligated to give an injured person information that would make their case worth more than the insurance company is offering to pay.

Insurance companies want injured persons to be uninformed when it comes to settling their personal injury cases. Insurance companies do not want to be transparent when it comes to policy limits, types of insurance coverage such as first party coverage, history of the insured’s car, driving history of its insured, types of claims available, or how uninsured or underinsured coverage works. That is why it is important to seeking the counsel of a good personal injury attorney.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 11 2019 07:00AM

Independence, Car Accident, Missouri Lawyer

Have you been involved in a car accident in the Independence, Missouri area? If so, then you should pick up the phone and contact an Independence, Car Accident, Missouri Lawyer. An Independence, Car Accident, Missouri Lawyer can help you navigate the process of a claim. This would include any claim against insurance that is available. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and having a lawyer on your side minimizes an insurance company’s ability to keep injured persons from obtaining maximum compensation. Insurance companies put policies and procedures in place to make it difficult to make maximum claims against them.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 5 2019 07:00AM

Grandview/Belton Area Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Have you been in a motorcycle accident in the Grandview or Belton area? If you have, then you should seek the advice of a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer familiar with the streets and roads of Grandview and Belton, Missouri. A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will be able to assist you in determining if you have a viable injury claim. If you do have a viable injury claim, then a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer will be able to help you maximize your recovery including against your own insurance company for any uninsured or underinsured claims. You should call a Lawyer today if you have been in a motorcycle accident this year to preserve your rights.

By Rocky Cannon, Jul 3 2019 07:00AM

Kansas City Municipal Court Traffic Case Attorney

Do you have a court date for a ticket issued by a Kansas City, Missouri Police Officer that is set in the Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court? If so, then you should speak with a traffic case attorney about your situation. You may have a defense, or you may want to work out a deal with the prosecutor to keep your record clean. You may have several options that an attorney will be able to assist you with.

Call a traffic case attorney today to get started.

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