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Explaining Pain and Suffering to a Jury

By Rocky Cannon, Feb 17 2020 11:48PM

Explaining Pain and Suffering to a Jury

Attorneys for Defendants usually try to down play the pain and suffering of injured persons. This is particularly true in cases where the injuries are unusual and not easily explained without medical testimony. A good plaintiff’s attorney will be able to make sure a jury understands the nature and severity of his or her client’s injuries. The Plaintiff’s attorney, depending on the case, may have a number of friends and family, as well as doctors, testify concerning the nature of a client’s pain and suffering. The attorney may present the jury with a day in the life of an injured plaintiff to show the jury what the plaintiff faces daily. This type of demonstrative evidence can be very useful to a jury. A creative attorney can find any number of ways to explain or demonstrate the client’s pain and suffering to a jury.

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