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Have you experienced a workplace injury or accident in Raytown, MO? If so, then you should consider speaking with an attorney about your injury or accident.   Any injury or accident that occurred at the workplace is usually considered a workers’ compensation matter.  Under the workers’ compensation system, it is not important to demonstrate that another person caused your injury.  However, it is important to show that there was actually some type of accident that led to your injury.  It also important to notify the employer that an accident and injury has occurred.


The employer under the law has the right to send an employee to a doctor of the employer’s choosing.  Many employers exercise this right under the law to control an employee’s treatment.  This is done to keep costs down and to insure a employer friendly outcome. The doctor that the employer selects will be someone familiar with how the workers’ compensation system works. Consequently, the employer’s doctor will issue a workers’ compensation rating (work comp rating) which is basically that doctor’s opinion as to the extent of the employee’s disability from the work accident.  These work comp ratings by doctors selected by the employers or their insurance provider usually provide low or conservative ratings. However, the employee has the right to pay out of his or her own pocket to go see another doctor of his or her choice.


These low or conservative ratings by employer friendly doctors, if allowed to stand directly impact the extent of compensation an injured employee can obtain under the workers’ compensation system.  This where a private attorney can help.  A private attorney will be able to send an injured employee to another doctor perform an independent medical evaluation and give the employee a more reliable disability rating.  With this more reliable disability rating a better settlement will likely be able to be worked out with the employer and insurer.  Call Rocky to discuss your work comp situation from Raytown,MO.


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