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Any trucking accident can be a very serious accident.  However, a trucking accident can also be a relatively minor fender bender.  Regardless of the situation, trucking accidents involving large trucking lines will be difficult, because large trucking lines will be prepared to defend themselves against any size of claim made against them.  That is why it is important to retain counsel as soon as possible in any trucking accident where injuries have occurred to you or your loved ones as protection against aggressive claims adjusters working for the trucking line.  If you have a trucking accident in Raytown, MO, then you should speak to a Raytown lawyer as soon as possible.


A lawyer or attorney will be able to make sure you are treated fairly and fully compensated to the extent possible under the law.  The State of Missouri has negligent laws in place that are designed to hold drivers responsible for their actions.  Under the law in Missouri, which includes Raytown, an injured person from a trucking accident can seek to have his or her damages paid by the at fault party.  If the "at fault party" had insurance, and trucking companies usually do, then payment by the insurance company may be possible instead of from the trucking company.


The types of damages that can be paid on any Raytown, MO trucking accident can include lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.  The injured party may also have a separate property damage claim for the damage to his or her vehicle or other personal property.


When a trucking accident occurs on a public street in Raytown, MO, the Raytown, MO Police Department usually investigates.  Any police investigation of an accident will usually result in a police report being filed and possibly a traffic citation being issued against the guilty party.  A police report concerning an accident is usually referred to as a crash report.  You or your lawyer will need to obtain this report as soon as possible to determine what it says.  This report will state what party was at fault and if there were any contributing factors liking alcohol being involved.  Call Rocky, a Raytown Attorney, to discuss your trucking accident.



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