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Have you received a ticket or citation from a Raytown, MO Police Officer?  If so, then you may wish to consult with an attorney.  Call Rocky, he is an attorney with an office in Raytown, MO.  He can help you keep points off your record and unwanted convictions. Also, he can help get warrants lifted that were issued by the Raytown Municipal Court. Call for prices.


The following is a sample of the types of charges that Rocky represents clients in Raytown, MO Municipal Court:



Speeding in a School Zone;

No seatbelt;

No insurance;

Following too Closely;

Driving While Suspended;

Driving While Revoked;

Driving Under the Influence;

Driving While Intoxicated;



Code Violations;

Domestic Assault;

Minor Possession;

And Paraphernalia.









Many of these charges can put points on your driving record.  For instance, a Driving While Suspended conviction will add 12 points to your license.  A driver receiving 12 points on his or her license will be revoked for a year.  Even if you are currently suspended or have a warrant an attorney can assist you in obtaining a new court date and getting reinstated.  Many clients are suspended due to other tickets that have not been taken care of.  Rocky can run your driving record and help you determine what needs to be done to get you reinstated.

A number of these other charges, such as shoplifting, if convicted, can have a negative effect on a person's attempt to obtain employment in the future.  Consequently, a person will want to avoid such convictions if possible.


Raytown, MO Traffic Ticket Lawyer


Rocky as an experienced traffic ticket lawyer will be able to help you get a good result in your traffic case.  Generally, a plea agreement in Raytown Municipal Court can be worked out in which you agree to pay a higher fine, go on probation for a certain period of time, do community service and/or attend specific classes in return for a reduction of the charges against you or avoid a conviction or jail time.  Call Rocky to discuss your situation.


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