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Have you received a traffic ticket or summons to appear at the Raytown Municipal Court? If so, then you may need an attorney to represent you in municipal court to avoid damage to your record.  A municipal court charge is an ordinance violation not a misdemeanor violation.  Misdemeanors are always state charges in Missouri.  However, an ordinance violation can impact your driving record as well as be an impediment to employment.  That is why it is important to seek out counsel to represent you on your charges.


Raytown Municipal Court generally meets several times a month on Monday nights and Wednesday mornings and evenings.  On some charges your lawyer can go to court for you and take care of the matter without you personally having to appear in court at any time.  An example of this type of case would be simple speeding or no insurance ticket.  However, some charges may require you to be put on probation for up two years, and in that case, you will need to appear in Raytown Municipal Court and speak with the judge with your lawyer by your side.  The judge will want to make sure you understand what is taking place, the conditions of your probation, and that you have signed the probation form.  In other situations the Court may want you at court for fingerprinting.


Certain charges like DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) will likely require two years of probation, unless you are able to get the City to amend the charge to something else or drop the matter.  You will also need to complete SATOP (Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Program) as part of your DWI probation and as a prerequisite to getting back your license from the State of Missouri.  In most situations, if you are expecting the best possible plea bargain, then expect to pay fines and costs at the time of court.  You of course always have a right to a trial of the matter.  In municipal court, the judge would decide whether you were guilty or not guilty.  If you have a case in Raytown Municipal Court, then give Rocky, a Raytown Municipal Court Lawyer, a call at 816-353-0009. Rocky is a local Raytown attorney available for hire.


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