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Have you been injured in a car accident in or near Raymore, MO? If so, then you may be entitled to payment for your injuries and damages.  Under the law, if someone other than yourself caused the accident you can insist that the responsible driver be held accountable for all of your damages including your pain and suffering.


Under the law, you can be compensated for your pain and suffering in a fair and just amount.  Your pain and suffering can include not only the pain you experienced during the accident, but also all the pain you experienced after the accident.  Think of all the nights going to bed in pain and waking up in pain.  Think of all the pain during the day and while you were just trying to do the simplest things in life.  How much is that pain worth?  A good trial lawyer will be able to convey to the jury your pain and suffering through your testimony, through the testimony of other witnesses’, through pictures of your injuries, through your medical records, and through the other exhibits or props in the case.


In addition, under the law, you will be able to seek reimbursement for any paid medical bills as well as seek money for any unpaid medical bills.  In order to prove your medical bills, it will be necessary to provide a copy of all of the bills you have received.  If you do not have your bills your lawyer will be able to help you obtain them from your medical providers.  If you have been in a car accident in Raymore, MO, then consider giving Rocky, a Kansas City area lawyer, a call at 816-353-0009.  Rocky will give you a free consultation over the phone.


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