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Traffic Accident Report or Crash Report


The standard in Missouri is the Missouri Uniform Crash Report, a comprehensive report that includes extensive detailed information about any crash involving a motor vehicle investigated by law enforcement in the State of Missouri.  Any crash report involving death, injury or total loss must be reported to the Missouri Highway Patrol within 10 days of the completion of the initial investigation.


The Missouri Uniform Crash Report includes detailed information like the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all drivers, passengers and witnesses of the motor vehicle accident.  The crash report will also include information about the exact location including any applicable emergency reference makers, plus the time and date of the accident.


The crash report will also give information about the conditions at the location of the crash such as weather and visibility at the time of the crash as well as probable contributing circumstances of the crash, such as a driver that caused the crash was inattentive or drinking alcohol. The report will also include, if apparent, that injuries have occurred, and whether anyone was transported from the scene of the accident.  The report will also include information concerning auto insurance if evidence of any is produced at the scene of the accident.


The Missouri Uniform Crash Report will also include a diagram of the accident indicating the circumstances of the crash.  Examples of types of crashes can include front to front, front to rear, front to side, sideswipes going the same direction or the opposite direction and falling or shifting cargo.  There is also a section in the report concerning commercial vehicles involved in an accident or collision.  


Lawyers can use these crash reports to better assess fault in any vehicle accident including in cases of wrongful death.


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