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A personal injury can result from a wide range of accident situations.  If an injury has happened to you that you feel was caused by another person or by a company, then you should speak with a personal injury attorney about your situation.  Examples of personal injuries could include, car wrecks, trip and falls, construction site accidents, accidents at gyms, and injuries from assaults caused by security breaches or lapses.  If you have a personal injury in Platte County, MO including in Platte City, then you should consult with an attorney to see if you have a case against the person or corporation that caused your personal injury.  Call Rocky, at (816) 353-0009, a licensed attorney for the whole State of Missouri to discuss it.


Car Accident Lawyer Platte County, MO


Have you been injured in a car or auto accident in Platte County, MO?  You should speak with a lawyer about your accident before you speak with the insurance company.  Insurance companies will try to minimize your claim or even blame you for the accident.  Insurance companies do provide a valuable service, but they can be very difficult to deal with.  That is why you need an attorney to represent you and speak with the insurance company on your behalf.  An attorney can help you bring a claim to cover your damages from your auto collision in Platte County, MO.  Your damages can include lost wages, payment of medical wages, and your destroyed vehicle.  You can also insist that you be compensated for your physical injuries like broken bones or burns to your body.


Truck Accident Lawyer Platte County, MO


There are a number of busy highways in Platte County, MO.  Large trucks hauling cargo using the roads of Platte County, MO are sometimes involved in accidents.  When a large truck has an accident with a smaller vehicle, then any occupants of the smaller vehicle can be seriously mangled or injured.  If the driver of the large truck was responsible for the accident, the injured party has a right to hold his or her employer responsible for his or her injuries.  Trucking companies are well defended and so should you be.  You should seek out a top attorney experienced in holding trucking companies responsible for negligent drivers placed on the road.  You can call Rocky, at (816) 353-0009, to begin the process.


Garbage Vehicle Accident Platte County, MO


Garbage vehicles often stop in dangerous locations.  Garbage trucks also can suddenly turn unexpected.  If you have an accident involving a garbage or trash truck in Platte County, MO, then you should speak with an attorney who knows how to hold garbage companies responsible for accidents their drivers cause.  You can make a demand for compensation of all your damages from the garbage company.  An attorney will know how to proceed to make sure you get the money you deserve for your damages.  Call Rocky, at 816-353-0009, to discuss your situation.


Platte County, MO Motorcycle Crash Attorney


Have you been injured riding your motorcycle in Platte County, MO?  Other drivers often don’t respect motorcycles like they should.  When this happens accidents can result.  If a motorcycle is hit by a car or truck, then the motorcycle rider can be seriously injured in the crash.  If this happens to you, then you need a top lawyer on your case.  You may have a claim against not only the other party’s insurance, but also your own insurance company.  Hopefully you can be made whole in a reasonable amount of time, but it may be that you will need permanent medical treatment or care.  That is why you need an aggressive attorney on your side to represent your interests.  


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