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Your personal injury caused by another person or entity in the Kansas City, MO Metro area including Raytown, MO, Independence, MO and Lee’s Summit, MO may cause you to experience low levels of discomfort or out and out intolerable pain.  Your pain may be both physical and mental pain.  Under the law, this is referred to as pain and suffering.  Pain and suffering according to the law is a form of damages that you are legally entitled to be compensated for.  You can collect on your damages from the party who wronged you.  If someone causes you pain, it is only right that they be required to make up for it in a fair and reasonable manner.  Even in a situation where a party that wronged you, did it accidently, it is still a matter of fairness that the party at fault be held responsible.  Otherwise, would it be fair for the person not responsible to bear the cost of another person’s mistake, while the person who actually made the mistake had zero responsibility?  The law does not think so.


When someone hurts, damages, afflicts or harms you accidently, under the law this is called negligence.  Under the court system, a person can be held accountable for their negligence when they injure or hurt another person.  This encourages people to be more careful.  The injured party has a cause of action for negligence in the form of a civil case against the responsible party for their damages.  The injured party’s damages can include the previously mentioned pain and suffering, but also lost past wages, lost future wages, past doctor and medical bills, and future medical treatment where appropriate.  However, the person claiming that someone acted negligently or in a careless and imprudent manner has the burden of proving the fault of the other party.  This can be difficult to do without a lawyer.  That is why the wise person obtains the counsel of a lawyer to represent them and bring forward their case on their behalf.  A personal injury lawyer is trained in the law and will know how to bring a personal injury case forward in the best possible way.  Call attorney Rocky Cannon today to get started. Call 816-353-0009.



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