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If you have experienced any type of injury in or near Odessa, MO that has resulted in serious damage or harm to you, then you may be entitled to compensation from the responsible person or entity.  A personal injury claim can be made on a wide range of situations or events including such things as being injured by a defective table saw. The main thing is that someone has harmed you including a shoulder injury, which has resulted in your experiencing pain and suffering.  You should speak with the best attorney you can locate to discuss your individual situation. Call Rocky at (816) 353-0009.


Odessa, MO Truck Crash Lawyer


If you have been injured by a truck or diesel in a crash in or near Odessa, MO, then you may be able to make a claim against the trucking company in addition to the driver that hit you.  There are a number of legal theories that can be put forward to prove that the trucking company is responsible for your injuries, which resulted from their truck colliding with your vehicle or the vehicle you were riding in.  An experienced attorney or lawyer will be most qualified to determine what arguments to make and what issues to raise on your behalf.  If you have been seriously injured by a truck or diesel, then you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible.


Auto Accident Attorney Odessa, MO


An auto or car accident can result in serious injury to the driver or passenger of a vehicle.  If you have been seriously injured including whiplash in a car accident that was caused by another driver, then you may be entitled to pursue a case for monetary damages against the negligent driver. For example, if you were westbound on I-70 through Odessa, MO, and due to a slowdown in traffic, you were forced to slowdown yourself and a SUV or other vehicle, failed to slow down, and rear-ended you, causing you to experience whiplash, then you could pursue a civil action against the driver of the SUV or other vehicle for your pain and suffering.  If a situation like this has happened to you, then you may wish to call Rocky Cannon, Attorney at Law at 816-353-0009 to discuss your auto accident.








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