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An auto accident can result in a personal injury claim by participants of the auto accident.  A personal injury claim is a personal claim made by injured parties for their damages.  For instance, a person injured in an auto or car accident in Oak Grove, MO, that was caused by another driver, has a personal claim against that driver for damages that he or she has experienced or suffered.  An injury lawyer can explain this is greater detail.


Oak Grove, MO Damage Attorney


When an accident occurs in Oak Grove, MO involving cars, trucks or trailers, typically there is some type of property damage. In addition, when an occupant of a vehicle involved in a vehicle on vehicle accident is injured, the range of damages increases dramatically.  The range of damages can include reimbursement for time away from work, emergency room visits, and other unpaid medical provider bills, as well as compensation for pain and suffering.  A Missouri attorney will be able to assist you in determining what specific damages you may have if you have been injured in an Oak Grove, MO vehicle accident.


Oak Grove, MO Auto Collision Insurance Attorney


If you have been in an Oak Grove, MO auto collision, then hopefully there is insurance to cover your injuries.  In Missouri, it is the law that automobile drivers carry at least a minimum amount of liability insurance.  However, this minimum amount of liability insurance may not be enough to fully compensate you for your injuries.  In such a case, if you have under-insured coverage on your own insurance policy, then you may be able to receive additional compensation from your own insurance company. This is why many persons carry under-insured coverage on their own insurance policy to make sure they are not stuck with a less than full recovery due to limited coverage held by the other party.


Oak Grove, MO Auto Injury Attorney


If you have questions concerning an auto accident that occurred in Oak Grove, MO, then you should consider speaking with an attorney familiar with injury law in the State of Missouri.  The right attorney will be able to answer all your questions concerning your personal injury claim resulting from an auto accident.  You will feel better just speaking with an attorney about your case.  


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