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If you have a loved one in a nursing home, that you feel is being neglected, then you should consider contacting an attorney about the situation.  Does your loved one have serious bed sores, unexplained bruises or other injuries? If so, then you know something must not be right.  Do not settle for what the staff at the nursing home is telling you, when you know something is wrong.  Contact an attorney about your loved one’s situation to find out what rights he or she may have.  Call Rocky at 816-353-0009 to talk with a lawyer about your loved one’s situation.


Nursing Home Mistreatment


The decision to put a loved one in a nursing home is no easy decision.  Life care issues are among the toughest decisions that people have to make.  A person would like to think that the people that run and work at these nursing home facilities understand this.  They, after all, must have family themselves.  Further, these people have decided to own or work at one of these facilities.  Consequently, it is shocking when news of elder abuse is heard about.


If you have had to put a loved one into a nursing home, hopefully that nursing home has taken good care of them.  If not, there may be legal remedies available in addition to you having a right to make a report with the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services.


Recognize these signs of elder abuse among others:

Bed sores;


Sudden weight loss;

Non-responsive loved one;

Dirty or filthy bed sheets or clothing;

Smelly room;


Listen to what your loved one is telling you.  Are they afraid?  Are they in pain?

Your loved one has rights.  You should contact an attorney about any nursing home abuse, assault, or neglect.  You should contact Rocky Cannon, Attorney at Law, at 816-353-0009.


Your choice of a lawyer or law firm is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements. Nursing home cases are usually referred out to more experienced attorneys in these types of cases to insure the best possible representation for the client.


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