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Have you been pulled over by an Officer with the North Kansas City Police Department and been given a traffic ticket? If so, then call Rocky Cannon, a Kansas City Area Traffic Attorney, to discuss your options.  You may be able to avoid points on your license as well as other problems such as jail time.  You should be aware that failure to show up for court can result in a warrant for your arrest.  An attorney can help direct you on what to do if you already have a warrant issued by the North Kansas City Municipal Court.  It is possible that you will not need to obtain a bail bondsman to get the warrant lifted and a new court date issued, if you have an attorney on the case. You should ask your attorney for details concerning this.  


Mr. Cannon represents clients in North Kansas City Municipal Court on the following charges:


DWI or DUI ticket or charge;

DWS or DWR ticket;

Speeding ticket;

Auto Accident ticket including with personal injuries;

Possession ticket;

Shoplifting ticket;

Stealing ticket;

Assault charge;

No insurance ticket;

Stop sign violation ticket;

Traffic signal violation;


Careless and Imprudent Driving ticket;


If you have another charge, then call Mr. Cannon to see if he can represent you in North Kansas City Municipal Court.  Mr. Cannon’s fees are all explain up front and are considered separate from the Court’s fines and costs.


Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.