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Motorcycle Injuries


An accident or crash on a motorcycle can result in catastrophic injuries to the rider or any passenger.  This is a situation that no motorcycle rider or passenger ever wants to find himself or herself in.  Hopefully, the motorcycle rider has done everything in his or her power to prepare or avoid the situation.  Hopefully, the rider was wearing a proper helmet and clothing for protection. Hopefully, the rider took all evasive actions that were possible. Hopefully, the rider had extra insurance coverage in case the other party did not have insurance or did not have enough coverage. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, then an attorney can help you sort through all of these issues.  


Insurance Claim for Motorcycle Accident


A lawyer or law firm can help make sure you get all the compensation that is due you from not only the other party, but potentially from your own insurance company should the right circumstances be present that would trigger coverage. Also, the other party may have had more than one insurance policy that applies to your situation.  Again an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is in the best position to determine all available coverage.



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Motorcycle Accidents

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Damage Claim for Motorcycle Wreck


Your lawyer will be able to help you to calculate your damages that you are entitled to be paid for and help you determine if any of the insurance policies that apply can be used to pay for your damages.   In a motorcycle case, you could be looking at substantial medical bills, time off from work, pain and suffering and a total loss of your motorcycle. Ultimately, the insurance adjusters will likely be working against you to limit what you receive on your case.  This is where an experienced attorney comes in.  An experienced attorney will know how to deal with the insurance company, even if it is your own insurance company.


Trial Attorney for Motorcycle Accident Case


Some insurance companies will refuse to settle, even when there is clear liability on their insured.  In such a situation you are going to need a lawyer that is experienced enough to take your case all the way to trial and let a jury decide the matter.  There are no guarantees when a case goes to trial, you could get some or everything you are entitled to or you could get nothing.  That is why it is important to get an experienced trial attorney on your case.  Also, the insurance companies know who the experienced attorneys are and they are less likely to challenge those attorneys to a trial by jury. Call Rocky to discuss your case.  If he thinks another lawyer can better help you, he will tell you so, and even put you in touch with them