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Have you experienced a trucking accident in the Liberty, MO area? If so, then you may be able to bring a personal injury claim against the at fault party for your damages.  You may be able to hold responsible for your injuries the trucking company that put that at fault driver on the road.  In a situation like this you should consult with and retain a lawyer that is used to going up against trucking companies.


Trucking companies will fight to keep all or most their money and minimize your recovery.  You need a lawyer that will fight for you and who will maximize your recovery.  Liberty, Mo is a city that seems to be expanding daily.  This has resulted in many unusual road configurations and intersections.  Truck drivers unfamiliar with the roads of Liberty, MO can cause accidents with other vehicles, because of this unfamiliarity.  When this happens, the driver of the truck is considered negligent and he or she is responsible for your damages.  Of course, in reality the employer of the negligent driver is really the ultimate responsible party.


Liberty, MO Trucking Accident Attorney


Trucking companies owe a duty to other drivers to not put bad drivers on the road.  Sometimes, liability can be difficult to prove in a trucking accident.  Fortunately, trucking accidents that happen on public streets are investigated.  In the Liberty, MO area a trucking accident could be investigated by the Liberty, MO Police Department, the Clay County, MO Sheriff’s Department or the Missouri Highway Patrol.  When any of these police agencies investigate a trucking accident, they always make use of an accident or crash report.  A good attorney will want to get this accident or crash report as soon as possible to see whom the police thought was as fault for the accident.


A person involved in a trucking accident can receive multiple injuries.  A person suffering from multiple injuries including life threatening injuries is in no position to pursue his or her case.  That is why a seriously injured person should always retain the services of good lawyer or attorney to represent him or her.  A good lawyer can push the client’s case, while he or she focuses on mending the best he or she can.  Call Rocky to speak with a lawyer about your truck accident case in the Liberty, MO area at 816-353-0009.








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