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Have you or a loved one experience an accident in or near Lee’s Summit, MO with a large truck including any delivery vehicle?  If so, and the accident was someone else’s fault, then you may be entitled to bring a claim for damages.  You can bring a claim in civil court for all the damages that you have incurred including lost wages, unpaid medical bills, and pain and suffering.  You should consult with an attorney on the best way to proceed on your claim.


Trucking Accident Attorney Lee’s Summit, MO

If your accident was the result of a collision with a truck or diesel that was owned by a large trucking company, then you can expect aggressive action on the part of the trucking company to defend itself.  Do not assume, because fault appears plain and obvious that a trucking company will simply pay big money to make you go away.  Instead, expect the trucking company and/or its insurance company to hire top-notch attorneys to defend itself with.  These attorneys will look to pick your case apart and make it appear smaller or less valuable than it really is.  That is why you will need a top-notch attorney to make sure that you receive a fair and just settlement for your Lee’s Summit, MO trucking accident case.


Trucking companies come in all shapes and sizes.  They also vary in their hiring and training practices. When a trucking company puts an improperly or poorly trained driver on the road, that is considered an action that is below the standard of care for that type of business.  Your Lee's Summit personal injury lawyer will be able to help you determine if the trucking company acted below the standard of care.


Delivery companies are many times also large trucking companies.  However, delivery companies, in addition to being involved in accidents on the Lee’s Summit’s highways, can also be involved in vehicle accidents in Lee’s Summit’s residential areas.  In these residential areas, delivery companies can be delivering packages to houses or dropping people or food off.  This creates the potential for low impact accidents as well as more serious accidents.  However, even a low impact accident can result in big damages to persons involved in them.  If you have an accident on a residential street in Lee’s Summit, MO, then you should consult with a lawyer about your situation.









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