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Personal Injury Attorney Lee’s Summit, MO


If you have been injured, harmed, hurt, or battered by a negligent or reckless driver in Lee’s Summit, MO, then you may be entitled to compensation or financial payment from the responsible driver or party. A personal injury attorney, particularly a top or best rated one, can help you maximize your recovery from a personal injury.  Personal injury is a broad category, but if you have been harmed or damaged by another person, then you may have a collectible claim against them.  A P.I. or personal injury lawyer is best suited to determine if you have a case or not.


Auto Accident Lawyer Lee’s Summit, MO


If you have been hit in Lee’s Summit, MO by a careless or even a drunk driver, then you may be able to recover or recoup not only the cost of repairing your damaged vehicle or car, but also your medical bills, your lost wages, and your pain and suffering.  If the driver was driving drunk, then in addition to your suffering a private wrong, then you may have been the victim of a crime or public wrong.  The prosecution of a drunk driver will result in the criminal punishment of the drunk driver, but not in the full and just compensation for you.  This is where Lee's Summit auto accident lawyer will be able to aid you. Call Rocky at 816-353-0009.


Truck Crash Attorney Lee’s Summit, MO


If you have been injured by a big truck or diesel on the highways of Lee’s Summit, MO, then you have suffered what I call a worst case scenario.  First, you surviving a major trucking accident or truck crash is an accomplishment.  However, you may still have major injuries that will need medical attention for a long time to come.  Even, if you have only minor injuries, you are likely to be shaken up by the situation.  This is not the time to deal with the trucking company or its insured on your own.  They will be looking to minimize your claim or worse even blame you for the accident.  You need the best-rated attorney in the Lee's Summit area you can find on the case to protect your interests and make sure you get what you are entitled to for their mistake.


Motorcycle Collision Lawyer Lee’s Summit, MO


If you have suffered an injury or even multiple injuries from a motorcycle collision or motorcycle accident in Lee’s Summit, MO, then you may need the help of a motorcycle collision lawyer.  A motorcycle accident can be quite serious due to the lack of protection that a motorcycle offers to its rider.  Often, your own insurance, if coverage is available, will be needed in order to make sure you fully recover from your injuries.  You may be entitled to payment for your pain and suffering as well as medical bills and lost time from work. Your motorcyle collision attorney will be able to help you itemize your precise damages.


Pain and Suffering Attorney Lee’s Summit, MO


Have you had pain and suffering caused by the driver of another vehicle in Lee’s Summit, MO? Your pain and suffering can include both physical and mental distress endured by you from an injury or harm caused by the responsible party and may include broken bones and/or internal ruptures or injuries, but also aches and pains associated not only with the actual initial injuries, but the healing process as well, temporary and permanent restrictions on your activities, a potential for shorter life and with having to live with that knowledge, major or mild depression, and embarrassment from scarring to your body.  An attorney can assist you with determining what qualifies as pain and suffering and how best to present your damages as part of your case. Give Rocky in Raytown, attorney at law, a call to discuss your Lee's Summit accident.










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