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Have you sustained or received a personal injury in Lafayette County, MO caused by the negligence of another person or party? If so, then you should phone a top rated attorney about your accident case.  A personal injury can be caused in many different ways including car accidents, trucking accidents, ATV accidents, and slip and fall accidents.  A top rated attorney will be able to represent you in a pro-active style that will maximize the compensation you receive.  You may be entitled to collect not only your lost wages and medical bills, but also your pain and suffering.  The law recognizes that pain and suffering are real things, and therefore permits injured persons to recover money for them.  You should consult with a top attorney as soon as you can in order to get started.


Auto Accident Lawyer Lafayette County, MO


There are many two lane roads with dangerous curves, intersections, and no passing zones in Lafayette County, MO.  If you have suffered an auto accident in Lafayette County, MO caused by another driver, then you have a right to make a demand for compensation from that negligent driver.  Auto Collisions can be caused by drivers being distracted, tired, or inexperienced.  When a person’s driving performance falls below the standard of care, as determined by law, then that person is being negligent. An attorney will be able to help determine how the other driver was at fault, and how best to present your case.  Consequently, if you have been injured in a car crash in Lafayette County, MO, then you should retain an attorney to help you get compensation for your injuries.


Trucking Accident Attorney Lafayette County, MO


A trucking accident can result in life threatening injuries to persons injured in vehicles hit by large trucks including garbage trucks, buses, and cement trucks. If you or a loved one has been impacted by a truck accident in Lafayette County, MO, then you should consult with an attorney to protect you or your loved one's interests.  Trucking companies usually have insurance to cover these types of situations, but getting the insurance company to pay will not be easy.  Both the trucking company and its insurance company will attempt to minimize the amount of money paid out on your claim.  To them, this is part of doing business, but to you it is your life.  Therefore, you need to have a top attorney on your case to pursue your claim.


Lafayette County, MO Delivery Van Accident


Have you been involved in a delivery van accident in Lafayette County, MO where the accident was caused by the delivery van driver?  You should recognize that delivery vans, sometimes called package cars, are often part of large powerful companies that will attempt to shift blame on you for the accident.  When this happens, the victim of the accident can go uncompensated.  The best way to avoid going uncompensated for your injuries is to get an attorney on your case as early as you can.  A good lawyer will be able to stop the delivery company from shifting blame to another party.  Delivery vans are a fact of life, and they do help make our lives more convenient, but they have the same duty as any other driver on the road and therefore they should be held responsible when they cause accidents.  Call Rocky at 816-353-0009 to speak about your case.


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