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A knee injury can be very serious and result from a traffic accident or car crash.  A knee injury in a car or auto accident in the Kansas City, MO Metro area including Raytown, MO, Grandview, MO and Lee’s Summit, MO can be the result of the occupant coming into contact with the inside door or dash of the vehicle.  This type of impact can be caused by a side or rear-end collision with another car, but can also be caused by a roll-over of the vehicle.  A knee injury is usually the result of damage to the knee cap, ligaments or tendons in the knee area.  A knee injury can result to tears to the ACL or MCL, and can also result in harm to the meniscus: a disk type mass located behind the knee cap. A knee injury may need surgery to correct the problem, in addition to extensive rehabilitative work.  


A knee injury often requires the victim to miss work while healing up and attend doctor’s appointments including physical therapy.  This can result in lost wages as well as unexpected medical bills.  In addition to these types of damages, a person will often experience pain and discomfort. These are considered damages under the law in Missouri that the victim of another person’s negligence can be compensated for.  Sometimes a knew injury can lead to a second knee injury due to favoring one leg over the other. You should contact an attorney to discuss your case knee injury resulting from an accident. Call Rocky, a Kansas City area personal injury lawyer.



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