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Have you suffered whiplash from a car accident or other accident in Kansas City, MO? If so, then you may have a personal injury claim for the damages you received from your whiplash.  You should consider consulting with an attorney about your claim of whiplash, if the accident was caused by another party.  An attorney will be able to help you decide what to do about your whiplash claim.



















Of course, a doctor will be needed to determine how best to heal your whiplash from your car wreck or other accident such as a sports injury.  Hopefully, you have already sought out treatment and are receiving treatment from a medical provider.  Such medical providers will have medical records of your injury, which your lawyer can use to show that you were injured.  The closer these medical records are to the date of your accident the better use they are, to show that your whiplash injury came from the accident that you were involved in.


Typically, whiplash from a car accident or truck accident is caused by the sudden jerking of the head during the impact of the accident.  The neck and head are not designed to deal with the forces that cause the sudden jerking or jolting as occurs in an accident, and as a result, injury to the neck as well as the brain can occur.  Your doctor will be best suited for treating your injuries, but a lawyer will be best suited for bringing a personal injury claim on your behalf for compensation for your whiplash injury.


If you make a claim for your whiplash, then you have a right to ask for all the damages that are typically allowed in a personal injury claim.  These damages include compensation for pain and suffering as well as unpaid medical bills and lost wages.  A top attorney will be able to aid you in determining what damages you are legally entitled to seek recovery for.  Call Rocky to speak with an attorney about your Kansas City whiplash claim.



Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.


Exhibits like these can be useful to proving up damages.