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Have you been injured in an automobile accident at an intersection in the Kansas City area? If so, then you should contact a personal injury attorney about your accident.  An intersection accident usually involves a negligent driver failing to obey either a stop sign or traffic light signal.  An accident in such a situation can involve severe injuries to any car or truck hit by a vehicle failing to obey a traffic sign or traffic signal.


This is because such accidents often involve T-bone or side impact collisions.  Further, if the point of impact is on one of the doors of the hit vehicle any person occupying a seat next to such a door can and often is severely injured in the collision.


There are lots of reasons why drivers disobey traffic signs or signals.  These reasons include inattentiveness, including talking on the cell phone, misjudging the yellow signal, and impairment caused by alcohol or drugs.


Cell phone usage as a cause or contributing cause to automobile accidents has been on the rise for a number of years.  Cell phone usage is particularly prevalent among younger inexperienced drivers.  This has led to a push across the country for laws making it illegal to drive and text.  Also, a number of accidents have been caused by drivers misjudging the length of time a yellow signal lasts before changing to red.  At least in regards to Kansas City, there is a concern that some yellow traffic signals within Kansas City’s jurisdiction are too short and that this can contribute to accidents at those locations.  Finally, despite laws to the contrary, drivers continue to drive impaired due to drugs or alcohol in their system.  An impaired driver can be on the roads at any time of day, but night seems to be the most dangerous time for them.  Often after a wreck, it is discovered the impaired driver was asleep at the wheel.


If you have an accident at an intersection in the Kansas City area, then if possible attempt to take pictures or video of the exact location of all cars after the accident.  You should also try to identify any witnesses that saw the accident, but also in the case of a traffic signal intersection, any witness that saw the traffic signal that the other driver had.  You should also take note of any statements of responsibility that the other person may make after the accident.  Conversely, you should avoid making any statements concerning the accident.


After the accident you should also avoid putting off any medical treatment you may need.  The longer you put off going to the doctor the more difficult it will be to demonstrate that your medical treatment is the direct result of injuries from the intersection accident you have been in.  If you wish to speak with a Kansas City area personal injury attorney about your accident, then call Rocky, a Kansas City area personal injury lawyer, at 816-353-0009.



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