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Have you been involved in a highway accident such as an auto accident or trucking accident in the Kansas City area? Is so, then you should consult with a Kansas City Highway Accident Lawyer about your accident.  You may be entitled to compensation for your damages from the highway accident.


Kansas City has many highways passing through or near it.  Highways such as 71 highway or I-70 have accidents every year in the Kansas City area.  Most accidents on highways in the Kansas City area will be investigated by the Kansas City Police Department.  The Kansas City Police Department when investigating a highway or traffic accident will generate a crash report concerning the accident.  This report will list how many vehicles were involved, any apparent injuries to persons involved in the accident, all identified witnesses, and any contributing factors to the accident.


A Highway Accident Lawyer will be familiar with crash reports as well as with the various laws controlling such accidents, including any local ordinances concerning speeding or passing.  Kansas City seems to usually have some type of construction present on its highways.  These construction zones often reroute traffic, which can lead to confusion on the part of drivers.  Constructions zones are always temporary and therefore it is very important to take pictures and/or video of the accident and construction zone scenes at the time of the accident, because the scene will likely change in the near future.


Any pictures or videos of the accident may be essential to proving liability later.  A person seeking compensation should not rely on the police or third parties to take adequate pictures or video of the accident scene.  Also, an injured person should also take pictures of any body parts injured, which will also be useful later in the prosecution of the case. With today’s modern smart phones, pictures and videos are easy to produce, and it is simply, more often than not, a question of remembering to do it.


A good Kansas City Highway Accident Lawyer will be able to take all the evidence and seamlessly combine it to give an accurate picture of what happened.  A good Highway Accident Lawyer will also be able to accurately tally an injured client’s total damages.  That is why it is important to seek out the best lawyer you can find.  You should call Rocky Cannon in Raytown and speak to him about your accident case.


Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.