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Delivery trucks make frequent unexpected stops which can lead to accidents with other motorists.  Kansas City, MO has many winding and twisting streets which can hide a temporarily parked delivery truck from motorists travelling on those streets.  In some situations, motorists will not be able to stop in time to avoid an accident with such an improperly parked vehicle.  Of course, the owner of the delivery vehicle will claim that the motorist was at fault, and in some situations that may be true.  On the other hand, in some accident situations it may not be true.  Still in other accident situations, both parties may be at fault.  That is why in any accident situation a lawyer should be contacted and ask to review the case.  This is usually handled by most lawyers via a free consultation.


In other accident or crash situations, the delivery driver is clearly at fault for the accident.  Delivery drivers can become distracted just like other drivers.   Delivery drivers are often reviewing their delivery route or looking for street addresses.  This means that delivery drivers often take their eyes off the road.  Such incidents are more common than you think particularly with new delivery drivers unfamiliar with their routes in a large city like Kansas City.


Delivery drivers can also be distracted by the use of their cellphones.  These days everyone seems to have a cellphone, and even though people should know better, people use their cellphones at the wrong time.  One of those wrong times is when a person is driving a delivery van.  Such conduct can be considered negligent under the law.  Delivery drivers can also become tired, frustrated, or rushed during their shift, which can lead to mistakes in their driving.  Such situations can also be considered negligent, if an accident is the result of one of those mistakes.


Delivery Truck Accident Attorney near Kansas City, MO


When a delivery driver has an accident in Kansas City, including 64133, the occupants of any other vehicles involved in the accident can be severely injured.  In such situations, the injured persons have what is called a personal injury.  A trial lawyer that deals in personal injury cases should be consulted to see what should be done.  Delivery companies will retain top defense lawyers to defend themselves, and injured person will need to obtain a top plaintiff’s lawyer with a track record of success in personal injury cases. Contact, a Kansas City area Attorney today.


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