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If you have been injured in a trucking accident on a street or highway of Kansas City, MO, then you should consider consulting with an attorney about your situation.  This is particularly true if the Kansas City Police have written a ticket to the driver of the truck.  Although not every accident is the fault of the truck driver many of them are.  This is because the drivers that cause trucking accidents are often tired from long hours of driving required by their work.


There are so many big trucks travelling on the highway system of Kansas City that is it near impossible to not see one when you travel in Kansas City.  Some of these trucks are just passing through on their way to other destinations, while others are travelling to Kansas City or originate in Kansas City and are returning.


If you travel frequently by car in Kansas City, then you are aware that there are a number of one-way streets in Kansas City.  It is a scary and disconcerting sight to see a large 18-wheeler travelling down the wrong way on a one way street.  Yet this does happen and this can lead to horrific crashes or accidents.  If the other vehicle involved in a wreck with a diesel going the wrong way is a car, then the occupants of the car are likely to be seriously injured or even killed.


Of course, there are many ways for an injury accident to happen in Kansas City with a large truck. Sometimes, a large truck simply moves into a vehicle next to it on the highway, because the truck driver failed to see the vehicle in his or her mirrors.  This may be because the car was in truck’s blind spot or it may be because the trucker did not look carefully enough before changing lanes.  This considered below the legal standard of care, and the driver is at fault for the accident.


If you have been hurt or harmed in a trucking accident in Kansas City, MO, and all the facts are in your favor, you may still find that the trucking company or its insurance company are not willing to pay you, a fair and reasonable compensation on your case.  That is why you need an experienced attorney to represent you and fight for you.  Trucking companies do not like to pay large amounts of money for accidents caused by their drivers, but with an excellent lawyer, you can get the settlement you deserve.  Call Rocky, a local Kansas City area, to speak with an experienced attorney about your case.











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