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Are you suffering from toxic mold syndrome or sickness? If so, then you should speak with an attorney about your situation.  Toxic mold health hazards arise when injured persons have been exposed to the spores of certain dangerous types of molds.  Dwellings inhabited by these types of dangerous molds can become a problem over time or all at once.  These dwellings are sometimes referred to as sick homes. If you live in a sick home, you may be experiencing a number of symptoms associated with toxic mold exposure including but not limited to:


Fever, aches, watery eyes, dizziness, nausea and shortness of breath.


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There can be a number of causes of why a dwelling may become a home for dangerous mold, but poor ventilation and moisture can be some of the causes.  If you are renting or renting to own property and another person or party is responsible for maintenance, then you may have a cause of action for damages arising from your exposure to toxic mold.  If the toxic mold was created by someone’s negligence or breach of duty, then that person should be responsible for your injuries.  When you speak with an attorney familiar with these types of cases, he or she will be able to explain to you the types of damages you may be able to collect or be reimbursed for your injuries.   Call Rocky, a Kansas City area attorney, to discuss your situation at 816-353-0009.


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