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Have you been arrested for a DWI in the City of Kansas City, MO?  If yes, then you need to hire an attorney to represent you on your case as soon as possible.  An attorney can represent you on both the charge in the City of Kansas City, MO as well as fight to keep your license with the State of Missouri.


Being pulled over for a DWI/DUI is a scary experience, but with the right lawyer the damage to your license and life can be minimized.  You want a lawyer that will review the charges against you carefully, including reviewing all reports and any videos of the stop and arrest.  Videos taken by a Kansas City Police Officer can be crucial to proving or disproving the case against you.  Of course, a video can cut both ways including being used in any personal injury case against you.  However, in city court, you will be charged with the crime of DWI before a prosecutor ever looks at the video of your case.  This is because, a Kansas City Police Officer writes you the ticket without consulting the prosecutor at that time.  Later, sometimes much later, a prosecutor will review the matter and in theory sign off on it.  Instead, your own personal lawyer, who obtains and reviews the video for you, will likely be the first lawyer that looks at the video.


The video may show that there was no probable cause for the stop by the Kansas City Police.  The police video may show that you really passed all of the sobriety tests or that the tests were incorrectly administered.  The video may show that you were not read your rights, while you were under arrest, and therefore any statements you made cannot be used against you.  The video may show other useful things to your defense.  On the other hand, the video may show that you were in fact drunk.  However, you will not know what is on the video until the video is reviewed.


Kansas City, MO DUI Lawyer


If the City of Kansas City, MO has a strong case against you, then a good attorney will be able negotiate the best possible deal for your benefit.  Make no mistake if the City of Kansas City, MO has a strong case, then they will insist on putting some stringent conditions on you.  While, every DWI/DUI is different due to the unique set of circumstances surrounding each case, a good lawyer will know what to look for and may just possibly find something that was done incorrectly on the part of the police. Call Rocky to discuss your case.


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