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Have you been in an accident in the Kansas City area with a drone that caused you a personal injury? If so, then you should consider speaking with a personal injury attorney about your injury. If a drone was negligently operated or defectively manufactured, then you, as the injured party, have a right to pursue the responsible party for all your damages.

Drones are becoming more and more, a greater part of our lives, here in the Kansas City area. Several companies are seeking to use drones for commercial uses including the delivering of packages to residences or businesses. In addition, drones are being used for recreational use is on the increase and is becoming more prevalent as more and more models become available. Some of these models are bound to be used for unintended purposes, operated improperly, or manufactured improperly. When this happens, an accident may be the result with victims being damaged.

If you are a victim, your damages can include lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. Lost wages can result from not being able to work or taking off for medical treatment. Medical expenses can include emergency room visits, hospital stays, physical therapy, doctor’s visits, and prescription drugs. Pain and suffering is harder to define, but can include the onset of severe pain at the time of the accident, continuous or chronic pain, or pain from medical treatment or procedures. You may need to pursue more than one party that is responsible for injuries including the owner of the drone, the drone operator and/or drone manufacturer, as well as other possible persons or entities that may have been responsible.

You will likely need the services of a good attorney to sort through the facts of your case to determine the proper parties to your case as well as the types of damages. Call Rocky, an attorney in the Kansas City area to discuss your drone accident.

Rocky Cannon is also serving the Greater Kansas City area including Raytown, Independence, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, MO, and Grandview, MO.

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