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A car accident in Kansas City on a public street will more than likely be investigated by the Kansas City Police and any lawsuit for personal injuries from that car accident will likely be filed in the State of Missouri.   On the other hand, there is a good chance when the at fault party’s insurance representative calls you, he or she will likely be located out of state.  The insurance company will likely make contact by phone.


Of course, Insurance companies have extensive resources that would allow them to get people on the scene if they really wanted to investigate any Kansas City car accident.  This would not be cost effective for an out of state insurance company though. Consequently, the insurance representatives will attempt to get statements from any witnesses of the accident including from any other driver and any injured persons.


The insurance company will also try to obtain the police report of any Kansas City car accident directly from the Kansas City, MO police department before other interested persons can.  


Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer


A Kansas City Car Accident victim can do real damage to their case by giving interviews and making statements to an insurance company without a lawyer.  This is because, insurance companies are good at asking questions so that when the interview is over it sounds like their insured is not at fault and/or you are not injured.  That is why you need a Kansas City Car Accident lawyer on your side as soon as possible.


A Kansas City Car Accident Attorney will be able to advise as to what rights and responsibilities you have in regards to giving interviews and making statements to the at fault person’s insurance company.  A Kansas City Car Accident Attorney can also help you obtain all necessary documentation to properly process your case.  Make no mistake, insurance companies do not cave easily.


Insurance Companies can hire lawyers as well.  That is why you need a top-level attorney to handle your Kansas City Car Accident case.  Call Rocky to speak with him about your case.


Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.


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