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To lose a loved one in an air accident is both unexpected and a horrific event.  Airplanes are supposed to be safer than automobiles, and usually they are.  However, when an air related accident occurs the results are often tragic.  Due to the severity of any air accident, an injured party should search for the best attorney or lawyer to handle the case.  Kansas City has two major airports located within its geographic jurisdiction with regular flights being made daily.  If you or a loved one has been injured on a flight in the Kansas City area, then you should seek out a Kansas City Airplane Accident lawyer.


A Kansas City Airplane Accident Lawyer will be able to help you determine the proper parties to hold responsible for the air accident and you or your loved one’s injuries.  Airplane accidents can involve one or more planes.  When more than one airplane is involved this often means that there has been a mid-air collision between two airplanes in flight.  Other times an airplane accident can involve one plane crashing either just after takeoff or while attempting to make a landing.


Sometime airplanes have engine trouble due to poor maintenance of the airplane.  When a poorly maintained engine quits while in the air terrible consequences can result. Consequences that can include death, dismemberment, burns or broken bones. The FAA regulates flying including commercial flying due to the potential for serious loss of life.  If an airline has not kept up on its maintenance, the FAA will have records that show that.  The FAA will also investigate any air crash to determine the cause of the air accident.


As in other types of personal injury situations in Kansas City, personal injuries arising out of an air accident can lead to the injured parties being entitled to payment for damages suffered from an air accident.  Damages can include pain and suffering which can be extensive in air accident events.  Contact an attorney today to discuss your air accident injuries.  Call Rocky Cannon to speak with a lawyer right away about your Kansas City area accident situation.


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