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If you have experienced a work place injury in Jackson County, MO such as an eye injury, back or neck injury, or wrist injury, then you may need to hire an attorney familiar with Missouri Workers’ Compensation law to represent you.  An attorney can greatly improve the value of a workers’ compensation case by making sure that the employee or hurt worker receives everything he or she is entitled to including money for lost wages.


Your work comp attorney can help you prepare and file your Jackson County, MO work comp claim to make sure that you have complied with all time limits.  Your work comp attorney can help you properly preserve the testimony of key witnesses through depositions, if needed, such as in situations where the employer is denying the accident happened.  Further, your work comp attorney can obtain with your authorization a copy of all of your medical records.  With these medical records your work comp attorney can send you to an independent doctor for evaluation.  This independent doctor will have no direct affiliation with your Jackson County, MO employer.  Consequently, this independent doctor will be in a better position to assess your true state of disability.


With a proper rating from an independent doctor, your attorney can push for a fair and reasonable settlement of your Jackson County, MO case.  A fair and reasonable settlement would include a lump sum monetary payment.  This monetary settlement once attorney’s fees, costs, and any unpaid medical bills were deducted would be available to you, to use any way you liked.  Further, most attorney’s only charge if they collect for you, so you only owe attorneys’ fees and costs if you receive a settlement.  Your only obligation would be unpaid medical bills not otherwise covered by your employer.  These you would be responsible for regardless of whether you had a lawyer or not.  Call Rocky, a Jackson County, MO lawyer, to discuss your Jackson County, MO Workers’ Compensation claim or if you have any questions.




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