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Have you been injured in an accident in Independence, MO involving a carelessly operated trash truck? If so, then you should contact a lawyer familiar with trash truck accidents to discuss your case.  A trash truck accident can happen in a number of ways including being backed into by one, rear ended by one, or turned into by one.  If this has happened to you, then you will likely need an attorney to protect your rights and maximize your recovery.


Your recovery may include payment or reimbursement for lost income, unexpected medical bills, and your pain and suffering from the event and for afterwards.  A top lawyer will know how to turn your unfortunate and unforeseen incident into a full recovery as permitted under the law.  Trash companies and their insurance companies will more than likely employee attorneys from large law firms that specialize in defending trash companies against claims such as yours.  That is why you will need an outstanding attorney to make sure you get all the compensation coming to you.


Independence, MO Garbage Truck Accident Attorney


Trash Trucks or Garbage Trucks can come in a number of forms, but regardless of the type of garbage truck vehicle involved, all such vehicles are large bulky affairs and often can be difficult to control.  When one of these vehicles hits another vehicle the occupants of the other vehicle can be seriously injured including neck, back or hip injuries.  If this has happened to you in Independence, MO, then consider calling Rocky Cannon, an attorney based in Raytown, MO at 816-353-0009.


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