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Auto Accidents are common occurrences in Independence, MO.  An auto accident can be a minor fender bender at for example Sterling and 23rd Street or can be a multicar pile up on I-70.  In some auto accidents, injured persons are transported by ambulance to a local hospital such as Centerpoint.  This does not always mean that serious injuries have occurred, but it does mean that the injured person is going to have the additional medical expense of the ambulance service provider.  Fortunately, medical bills, including ambulance bills, are the type of damages that an injured person can seek compensation for under the law.  You should speak with a personal injury attorney about all the damages you are legally entitled to seek payment for or reimbursement for under the law.  Call Rocky today.


Independence, MO Trucking Accident Attorney


Trucking accidents can be serious or even life threatening events or they can be a minor fender bender.  However, regardless of the seriousness of the accident, if the accident involved a commercial truck, then the trucking company that owned that truck will be prepared to defend itself to the full extent allowed by law.  Trucking companies often hire large law firms to represent them with the hope that their lawyers can overwhelmed the opposing side.  That is why it is important to choose an attorney, for your Independence, MO trucking accident case, who can take on the large downtown Kansas City firms and get a good result for you based on the facts of your case.  


Independence, MO Rollover Accident Lawyer


In some Independence, MO accident situations, a person can be involved in an accident that leads to the vehicle they are in leaving the highway and rolling over.  When a vehicle rolls over, the occupants can suffer additional and sometime catastrophic damages.  This can be due to the vehicle roof caving in or to one side of the vehicle being crushed inwards. In some accidents, where the roof or the side of the vehicle buckled may be the result of a defective product.  Consequently, an injured person may have a personal injury claim against both the other driver and the manufacturer of the vehicle.  You should consult with a lawyer familiar with both car accidents and products liability issues.


Independence, MO Motorcycle Accident Attorney


Have you been the unfortunate participant in a motorcycle accident in Independence, MO?  If so, then you should consult with a personal injury attorney.  A personal injury attorney will be able to help you understand what types of damages you are entitled to collect.  Typical types of damages include lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.  In addition, a personal injury attorney will be able to make sure that all available insurance including your own coverage is considered in your case.  Call Rocky, at 816-353-0009, today to discuss your motorcycle accident case in Independence, MO.





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Independence, MO Personal Injury Attorney


Have you or a close friend or a family member been the victim of a personal injury in Independence, MO such as an auto accident, trucking accident, or motorcycle accident?  If so, then you should consult with a personal injury attorney about your accident.  However, personal injuries are not limited to vehicular type accidents, but can also arise from slip and falls, nursing home mishaps, and medical related accidents.  What is important is that another person or entity’s negligence was the cause of the personal injury.  Call personal injury attorney Rocky Cannon to discuss your situation at 816-353-0009.

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