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Have you been injured by another driver in an auto accident in Independence, Mo? If so, then you should consider contacting an attorney that represents clients in the Independence area.  Any lawsuit arising from an auto accident will likely be filed at the Jackson County Courthouse.  Jackson County has two court locations. One Courthouse is in Kansas City and the other one is in Independence.  For purposes of determining which courthouse is the appropriate courthouse, the location of your accident will be the deciding factor.  If your auto accident occurred in Independence, then most likely your accident will need to be filed at the Jackson County Courthouse located in Independence.


Your auto accident attorney will help you decide what courthouse is the appropriate courthouse to file your case in.  Your accident attorney will also be able to help you determine the value of your case.  Value can be affected by various factors including extent of injuries, total medical bills, and pain and suffering experienced.  These are just a few of the factors affecting value.  Other factors that can affect value, in addition to many others, include determination of fault, existence of traffic video showing the accident, and witness credibility.

Another area where an Independence Auto Accident Attorney will be helpful is in dealing with any auto insurance companies involved in the case.  Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with, some more than others.  Sometimes insurance companies can be tougher on some attorneys than others.  Insurance companies know which attorneys are the best.


A good auto accident attorney will be able to coordinate all the different areas of your case including the gathering of medical records, accident reports, witness statements, and insurance policies.  A good auto accident attorney will have a good solid understanding of medical terms and diagnosis.  A good auto accident attorney will be willing and able to go to trial on your case if that is the best course of action for you.


In the Independence area, there are many good auto accident attorneys to choose from, but you must contact one first.  They will not call you first, unless they have had a prior relationship with you.  If you decide to call an attorney, then consider calling Rocky Cannon, he will talk to you in a down to earth manner and will make sure you get the best possible attorney on the case.


Your choice of an attorney is important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.