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Have you been injured on I-70 Interstate in the State of Missouri?  Was the accident the fault of the trucker?  If so, then you may be entitled to compensation for your damages.  Accidents involving large commercial trucks can result in extensive damages to the persons involved.  Due to the dangers and inherent risks associated with operating large commercial trucks, such as any 18 wheeler, the law in the State of Missouri regulates commercial carriers. For example, the driver must have a CDL or commercial driver’s license as well adhere to an extensive list of legal regulations including the maintaining of a log book showing all hours of in and out of service.


I-70 is a well-travelled road and can have traffic on it at all hours of the night.  Large commercial trucks also travel at all hours of the day and night.  Therefore, an accident can happen at any time involving one of these large trucks.  However, it seems that the most serious accidents occur at night when truck drivers are the most tired.  When a large truck is moving at a high rate of speed and a truck driver does off that large truck becomes a runaway vehicle capable of seriously injuring any person unfortunate enough to come in contact with it.


Therefore, any accident or crash involving a large commercial vehicle can result in death and dismemberment.  No amount of money can make up for this type of loss.  However, that is the system we have in place.  Most commercial haulers are required to carry million-dollar coverage due to the potential for death and/or dismemberment.  Getting an insurance company to pay a million dollars or more will be no easy task.  It will take a skilled and dedicated lawyer to obtain this type of result.  A skilled and dedicated lawyer will be able to show how a person’s injuries or the injuries of a loved one entitles the injured party to payment of such a large sum.  Realistically, even a skilled and dedicated trial lawyer will only be able to obtain the very best result that is allowed under the facts and law of the case.  This is because the insurance company and trucking company will hire skilled and dedicated lawyers to represent them.  However, even among top lawyers there are differences.  Call Rocky, a Kansas City area attorney, to discuss your situation.


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