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Have you been injured on Interstate-435 (I-435) in a car or truck accident? If so, then you should pick up the phone and call attorney Rocky Cannon to discuss your situation.  If the accident you had on I-435 was caused by another person, then you may have the right to bring an action for damages against that person.


Typical Causes of Car Accidents on the I-435 Loop


The typical causes of car or truck accidents on the I-435 loop include traffic slowdowns, traffic stoppages, and inattentive drivers.  Traffic slowdowns usually occur during the rush hour traffic, but can occur at any time of the day including in bad weather.  Traffic stoppages can also occur during rush hour, but also can occur in places where other accidents have occurred or where heavy road construction is taking place. Inattentive drivers are often distracted drivers and can happen at any time or place. Distracted drivers are more common today because of increased cell phone use including texting while driving.


I-435 and Choke Points


I-435 has a number of choke points on its route.  These include narrow bridges, short on and off ramps, and unexpected lane endings.  In addition, depending on the time of the year, any construction on I-435 usually requires the closing of at least one traffic lane which can create an additional choke point.  These choke points on I-435 are often the places where accidents occur.  Consequently, if you drive I-435 on a regular basis you should familiarize yourself with all the known everyday choke points and drive accordingly.


I-435 Accident Investigation


Any serious accident on I-435 is usually well investigated by law enforcement.  In addition, there are a number of cameras on I-435 that may have caught the accident.  Any accident on the I-435 loop is supposed to have an accident or crash report made on it.  This accident report is usually available from most law enforcement agencies within 7 to 10 days of the accident.  You or your lawyer will be able to obtain this report which will have many useful pieces of information on it.  For instance, the accident or crash report will list any contributing factors to the accident such as drinking or drug use.


Damages for I-435 Auto Accident


Any auto accident that takes place on I-435 can result in serious damages to the occupants of the vehicles involved in the accident.  Damages include not only pain and suffering from the injuries received, but also medical bills and lost time from work.  Your lawyer will be able to advise you on what damages you can make a claim for and the best way to document them.  You should maintain a copy of all doctors’ bills and reports for the duration of your case.  Important documents that may be hard to replace or may be hard to copy should be carefully protected.  In situations where legible photocopies of documents are difficult to make it may be easier to take pictures of them as a form of backup for preservation purposes.  With good evidence preservation you will be in the best position to win your case.  If you have any questions, then call Rocky at 816-353-0009.








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