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Have you been injured on Interstate 29 (I-29) in a motor vehicle accident? Is so, then you should call a Kansas City area lawyer to discuss your accident.  I-29 begins in Kansas City, Missouri at a junction of I-35 and I-70 and runs north to Canada.  There are a number of areas along the way through Kansas City and north of the river that are prone to slowdowns or stoppages depending on the time of day.  These slowdowns or stoppages can be the cause of accidents.


Typically, if an injured party’s I-29 accident was caused by someone else, then the injured party has a right to seek compensation or redress from the responsible driver.  This is usually done by making a demand or claim on the responsible driver’s insurance.  If the insurance is unwilling to resolve the matter, then a lawsuit will have to be filed to resolve it.  A good lawyer will be able to file a lawsuit with the most effective language (allegations) in the pleadings, which will convey to the insurance company the experience and professionalism of the injured person’s lawyer as well as the seriousness of the situation, thus increasing chances of settlement.


Although accidents on I-29 can occur from slowdowns and stoppages, accidents can also occur on I-29 in other ways as well.  These may include cars or trucks improperly parked on the side of the road, diesels or other vehicles driving on the wrong side of the road, and articles of trash in the road.  Each one of these events may require special evidence in order to hold the responsible party accountable.  For example, demonstrating the responsible party for trash or other items on a road that caused an accident may be difficult.


I-29 Injury Accident Attorney


In any claim for compensation brought for a personal injury arising from an auto or truck accident on I-29, the injured person can seek monetary payment for medical bills, lost time at work and pain and suffering. Evidence will need to be presented for each type of damage claimed. For example, lost time at work may require proving the injured party actually missed time from his or her work.  An injured party’s paystubs can be very useful in this regard.  In the best case, an injured party’s paystubs will show a reduction in hours for the time period in which a claim for lost time is being made.  You should call Rocky, a Kansas City area attorney, to discuss any Missouri I-29 accident or if you have any questions.








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