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Call Rocky Cannon, a Kansas City Area Personal Injury Attorney today, to get a free phone consultation with a lawyer, not a receptionist or legal assistant. A personal injury can arise in a number of situations such as an auto accident, a trucking accident, a trash truck accident, a motorcycle accident, a nursing home accident, a slip and fall accident, or a medical mistake.


A personal injury usually occurs due to someone else’s negligence.  Negligence can occur when someone unintentionally breaches a duty they owe to other people. Examples of negligence include being dropped by orderlies at a nursing home, a slick substance being left on a floor by store personnel causing a slip and fall, or the wrong surgery being performed by a surgeon.


Therefore, any time you or a loved one are harmed or hurt in an accident by the negligence of another person you may have a right to hold that person or the entity they work for responsible for your all of damages including any pain and suffering you have experienced during and/or after the accident.


Personal injuries happen all the time in Kansas City to good people, because of plain old bad luck or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Do not let the "at fault party" avoid compensating you for your loss, because you are afraid or embarrassed to talk to a lawyer.  Call Rocky today at 816-582-4595.   You can talk to him on the phone personally about your Kansas City Metro area injury accident today.

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Your choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely on advertisements.

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The goal of a personal injury claim or lawsuit is to get fairly compensated for a personal loss suffered by you. The person or party responsible for another person's injuries may have had insurance that covers the loss.  This is typical in auto accidents, trucking accidents or motorcycle accident cases.  The injured person may also have had personal insurance coverage that covered or partially covered his or her loss such as under-insured or uninsured coverage. However, getting an insurance company to pay its fair share can be difficult.  


Insurance companies show a profit by collecting more premiums and investing it, than the amount they have had to pay out on claims. Therefore, insurance companies try to deny or minimize claims in general to insure they make a profit every year.


In the case of any personal injury claim, due to their potential value, any insurance company will make every effort to limit or avoid payout on this type of claim.  Click on the insurance tab located above to see the amount of money that these top ten insurance companies have.  Insurance companies have the money to hire large firms to represent them to try to avoid paying out on personal injury claims.  That is why you will need a good personal injury attorney to represent you, and remember a good personal injury attorney only gets paid if you do.

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For any Kansas City area personal injury claim, there may be various categories of damages that an injured party may seek compensation for including paid and unpaid medical bills, lost wages from a job, and pain and suffering. For each type of damage, evidence is needed to prove it. Evidence can be in the form of documents, photographs, video, eye witness testimony, retained and unretained expert witness testimony, as well as any other evidence that your lawyer believes is admissible in court and that helps prove your personal injury case.                                                      

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Call Rocky today at 816-582-4595.

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