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Grandview, MO has a number of businesses within its city limits.  If you work at one of these businesses and you are unfortunate enough to have a work accident, even one that was technically your fault, then you may have a workers’ comp claim.  If you have been injured or hurt on the job, then make sure you tell your employer about it.  Your employer has a right to know if you have been injured.  In turn, the employer will need to inform its insurer of the accident.


Many employers and/or their insurers will want to send an injured employee to a work comp doctor of their choice for treatment.  This work comp doctor will provide treatment and eventually a work comp rating.  This rating can be used to determine the value of any Grandview, MO employee’s work comp claim.  This rating often comes as a surprise to the employee in that it is much lower than the employee expects it to be.


However, the employee is stuck with the rating and is only able to off-set it by obtaining another rating from a different doctor.   The employer, if it is happy with the rating, will unlikely be willing to pay for another rating by a different doctor.  Fortunately, a worker has the right to seek out another opinion.


This is where a lawyer can be invaluable to an injured worker.   A lawyer can direct an injured Grandview, MO worker to another doctor to give an independent medical evaluation.  Usually the lawyer will advance the cost of this independent doctor.  This will relieve the Grandview, MO injured employee of having to pay the cost of seeing the independent doctor upfront.  A lawyer can also make sure that the injured employee’s case is presented properly to the Workers’ Compensation Division.


Although, the workers' comp system is supposed to be simpler than the court system, the Work Comp Division nevertheless has a great many rules that must be followed.  This is where a good lawyer will be able to help a great deal. Give Rocky a call to discuss your Grandview, MO case.






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